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Hide and Seek - Find the human in your digital

Ana Ilievska

How would you describe the ideal digital consultancy agency? If you are thinking of an organization and a team of experts that have you covered from research and digital strategy to end-to-end design, technical development, content design, and delivery, we have the perfect match for you. Presenting Hide and Seek, an Australian full-service digital consultancy who breathe life into digital products and services. Their cross-functional team works together to bring digital to life across three distinct service areas: product experience, customer experience, and employee experience.

Their track record speaks for itself. Hide and Seek have built large-scale, complex government service websites, transformed employee platforms, and created digital products used by millions across the globe. They guide you through the entire journey, from the discovery audit and review, through the design and build phase, and can also keep the ‘lights on’ after the transformation is complete through their custom technical support packages.

Check out some of their projects to see for yourself.

Hide and Seek: Storyblok Partner of the Month

Section titled The need for a digital solution shouldn't remove the need to look at problems in a human way

Hide and Seek work with clients, big and small, government and private, to deliver innovative and world-class solutions to complex digital problems. At the center of their operation is the desire to make an impact.

We are looking for projects that make a real difference in the market and world. Whether it be improving a critical government service website that helps real humans access services faster, or designing a game-changing product that is trying to shake up a whole market, we want to empower humans to do good things.

They like to make an impact by bringing real change. However, when you’re making real change, it's inevitably complex, so they have learned to love complexity. It usually means the clients they help have really large problems or perhaps their customers are experiencing significant frustration and the user experience is just not up to scratch. For the team at Hide and Seek, these are some of the most fulfilling projects to work on.

Section titled The Hide and Seek way

The Hide and Seek way comes down to a few things: their modern end-to-end delivery processes, their team of highly skilled experts living and breathing the company values, and fostering a culture that makes work wonderful. The team is there for their clients from the very beginning to really understand the challenges they - and their customers - face to design a solution fit for the purpose that will scale and grow with them.

The team at Hide and Seek are truly an adventurous, skillful, and curious bunch. They tackle technical challenges with enthusiasm and an open mind and believe that the best answers come from a desire to imaginatively, and adventurously, explore the situation at hand. It’s no surprise that Hide and Seek’s co-founders are very driven to make work wonderful for their people. They believe that fostering a wonderful workplace culture not only positively impacts the team and allows them to attract the very best talent there is, but that our clients benefit from our team of happy and engaged humans.

Section titled Overcoming challenges with Hide and Seek

Despite the big leap forward in tech for websites and MarTech, there are still several limitations that businesses face. Some of these challenges are related to integrating MarTech tools and systems with modern websites, data privacy and security, the need for technical expertise to develop and maintain modern websites, technology cost, and the complexity of modern and MarTech systems.

To overcome these challenges, Hide and Seek are focusing on framing solutions using the ideas of building ‘composable’ platforms – ie focusing on piecing together each part of the system bit by bit, either as the need arises, the budget allows, or the tech emerges – rather than going big bang and trying to do it all in one go. They are focused on exceptional customer experiences, the use of headless technologies and CMSs, MarTech tool integrations, AI adoption, and much more. Their goal is to create seamless, personalized, and engaging digital experiences.

Section titled Hide and Seek with Storyblok

When Hide and Seek were engaged by Treasury Wine Estates – an Australian powerhouse in the wine industry, they were tasked with building a new modern platform to house their many wine brand websites and choosing a foundational CMS. After running a series of trials against a set of assessment criteria, Hide and Seek ultimately recommended the company shift to a headless CMS environment – using Storyblok.

Storyblok takes all the modern advancements in web technologies and bottles them into a fantastic ‘core’ to power a modern web solution. While empowering developers to build modern, beautiful, and secure solutions, its real power is that it focuses on what really matters to many of our customers – empowering content creators and marketers to actually deliver content to customers.

So, Storyblok is now the core of a composable DXP that gives Treasury Wines a modern, innovative and flexible base to build meaningful, connected web experiences, while being high-performance, cost-effective and easy to use.

Storyblok offers several benefits, including a visual page composer that simplifies content editing, headless architecture that allows for flexibility and integration with multiple platforms, high performance, and cost-effectiveness. As a core to a modern, composable DXP, it allows us to build highly connected web experiences that are meaningful and innovative.

Decisively was another major transformation Hide and Seek achieved with Storyblok’s CMS, Netlify for hosting, and NextJS as a framework. Decisively partnered with Hide and Seek to modernize their user interface and apply a modern product design and development approach to bring their vision to life.

Storyblok has helped solve two key problem areas for Hide and Seek and their customers:

  • Streamlining content creation and management: With a large number of websites, apps, and digital channels to manage, creating and managing content is a complex and time-consuming process. Storyblok's Visual Editor and content management tools streamline content creation and management, making producing and managing content across multiple platforms easier.
  • Enabling flexibility and customization: Hide and Seek need the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and market trends. Storyblok's headless architecture allows for easy customization and integration with a variety of other technologies, providing the flexibility needed to build tailored solutions.

Storyblok has made it incredibly easy to talk about content publishing with content creators and marketers again, and not have to ‘gloss over’ actually using the product. We can happily walk a user or potential client through how easy it is to build a page live on screen and have received so much positive feedback that it has become a regular occurrence.

Section titled Made with Storyblok: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek’s website was made with the help of Storyblok's CMS. One of the main perks for the agency is that using Storyblok's Visual Editor has made it super easy for their marketing team to create pages without the guesswork of how it will look when it goes live. This means there’s less reliance on their developers and they’re upskilling the team to create amazing content. Hide and Seek’s website was made using Storyblok’s Free License partner benefit.

Storyblok, and the decision to go headless, have solved many issues for Hide and Seek:

  • The real-time editing feature allows their content authors to see exactly how a page will look before publishing unlike previous CMSs used before. Content can easily be repurposed across different platforms and channels, providing better content consistency and creating efficiencies in the creation process.
  • Their developers have greater flexibility to use any front-end technology or applications they want, because the content is decoupled from the presentation layer. They can make changes to the front-end and back-end independently, providing greater agility and faster iteration times.
  • Lastly, their website is able to scale more efficiently as content is delivered through APIs rather than through a monolithic system and our security is enhanced because the front-end and back-end are separate.

Section titled Partner of the Month

Hide and Seek are a nimble team who tackles the complex technical beasts that other consultancies turn away. They’re full service, which means they’re with you for the entire journey, a genuine partner to navigate the evolving digital landscape. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Hide and Seek is Storyblok’s May 2023 Partner of the Month! You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or by visiting their Storyblok Partner Listing.