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Frend Digital has helped Oleana create a new webshop. It facilitates a better customer experience, faster development, further growth, and more efficient internal processes. Oleana was having challanges administering their old webshop, spending too much time on manual tasks, and doing the same thing twice, in different systems. Their old systems were not sufficiently integrated. There was a huge potential in improving the customer journey, user experience, and daily operations. We scoped out and created a new webshop with Oleana and the design agency Anti. Anti was responsible for the design and Frend Digital for the development. Their new stack is built on Centra eCommerce and Storyblok CMS. The frontend is built on React and Next.js. A future-proof and modern, headless stack. It's efficient to develop and gives Oleana 100% freedom in designing their webshop. They especially appreciate the fast and intuitive WYSIWYG editor in Storyblok.

React & Next.js
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