Storyblok for Enterprise: The 3 Ss of Storyblok To Unlock Your Content Operations

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    Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

    Having the freedom to grow and perfect a content strategy is crucial to success – and if you’re running an enterprise organization, the need only increases. Large businesses often struggle with finding a CMS that allows them to expand their efforts while retaining the same amount of freedom, functionality, and security that’s more easily achievable on a smaller scale.

    Storyblok for enterprise was designed with satisfying these factors in mind. As one of the most powerful CMSs on the market, our platform is geared toward providing large organizations with the resources they need to optimize their content operations.

    There are three Ss that set Storyblok apart from the crowd:

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    Enterprise organizations rarely rest on their laurels. Growth is an essential part of staying competitive and succeeding even more. It’s important to choose a CMS that can handle the challenge. Our enterprise plan was specifically built to support such lofty goals.

    When you use Storyblok, there are tons of tools at your fingertips. You can work without constraints that you may find in Storyblok alternatives. Here are just a few of the resources that come without limitations:

    • User seats

    • API requests

    • Workflows

    • Stories

    • Components

    • Assets

    Without constraints on the most important CMS needs, you can scale in every area, whether that means your operations or your content itself. It also means you won’t have to worry about a stop-and-go growth pattern because you won’t have to constantly be upgrading your plan to fit whatever your new needs are. With Storyblok for enterprise, the sky’s the limit.

    Set of features

    All of Storyblok’s plans offer powerful abilities. However, enterprise organizations have unique needs that require more resources than the average business. Storyblok for enterprise has a uniquely powerful yet easy-to-use set of features that is unlike any Storyblok alternative.

    For example, content creation tends to get more complicated as organizations grow. Simplifying and streamlining the process can save a ton of time while delivering a more consistent experience for your users. Storyblok does so by offering a lot of customization options. Create your own workflows, reusable components, and user roles to organize the backend.

    Working with these features is also easy. This is in part thanks to our Visual Editor, one feature that not all Storyblok alternatives offer. The intuitive interface means that even those with minimal technical experience can easily navigate the content creation process. It’s as simple as point-and-clicking on the developer-made components to put them wherever they need to be.

    An example of Storyblok's visual editor.

    Unlike some Storyblok alternatives, our unique Visual Editor makes it easier than ever for your content creators and programmers to work together.

    Collaboration is also a breeze thanks to our in-engine Google-docs style commenting feature. Use Discussions to communicate directly within the intuitive visual editor. From developers to content editors, your entire team will be able to work together seamlessly.

    Is there anything from our set of features that you’re missing? Not a problem! Storyblok for enterprise offers limitless extendibility. With the help of our App Directory, you can install several ready-made tools to add features to your CMS.

    Moreover, you don’t have to rely on existing programs to fill your needs. Your developers can create their own apps to fully customize how they want to use Storyblok’s set of features. By combining the power of existing functionality with the possibility of expanding on it as much as you need, Storyblok for enterprise provides a fully customizable foundation for your content creation.


    Learn more about creating custom applications!


    Bigger organizations face greater risks. Hackers have more to benefit from stealing your data, and the consequences can affect far more people and parts of your business. That’s what makes security so essential – there’s no room for inconsistencies or blindspots when it comes to protecting your content.

    Storyblok alternatives offer security measures, but not all of them go the distance to demonstrate their dedication. We undertook the task of becoming ISO 27001 certified so that you don’t have to wonder about how we’re keeping your content safe. It shows that an independent review process determined that Storyblok excelled at security processes such as encryption, secure development measures, threat modeling, and more. And since we have to regularly demonstrate this to retain the certification, you can rest assured that we’re always maintaining the safest CMS possible.

    Another way we prove our dedication to safety is with our preventative measures. API-first CMSs like Storyblok naturally contain threats to the area where they occur, but we also take it a step further. With enterprise-level tools like our Web Application Firewall (WAF), AI-based intrusion detection, and daily backups, your site will always be prepared to face even the worst-case scenarios.

    Key takeaways

    Storyblok for enterprise embodies all the elements your large-scale business needs to succeed. By providing a growth-friendly structure, offering powerful features, and focusing on world-class security, our CMS is ready to help you take your content operations to the next level.

    Want to learn more about if Storyblok is right for your organization? Contact our team today for a personalized demo!