What Makes Storyblok One of the Most Secure CMSs?

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    There’s a certain level of risk associated with running a website. That’s because no matter your size, hackers will always be looking for ways to steal your data. However, bigger organizations have more to lose: as your enterprise grows, so will your potential losses and the digital target on your back.

    As such, choosing a CMS that prioritizes security from day one is essential. It has to be up to the latest standards of safety, offer contingency plans, and be flexible enough to scale as your enterprise does without missing a beat.

    Storyblok’s API-first design makes it a powerful choice to fulfill these needs. However, it doesn’t stop there. Storyblok’s robust set of features is supported by an ingrained dedication to security. Thanks to the fact that we follow international standards of quality and take preventative measures for organizations of all sizes, the answer to the question ‘is Storyblok secure?’ is an unequivocal yes.

    Storyblok is ISO 27001 certified

    Any CMS can apply security measures – but how do you know how they really stack up? With Storyblok, you don’t have to wonder. That’s because we’ve gone through the rigorous process of becoming ISO 27001 certified.

    ISO 27001 is a set of internationally recognized standards for managing information security. It covers areas such as financial information, employee activity, and user data. Given how meticulous these standards are, ISO 27001 isn’t necessarily commonplace among CMSs. Storyblok had to demonstrate stringent compliance to security standards in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

    • Inclusion of information security practices during the development stage including threat modeling and risk assessments

    • Correct implementation of business-enabling information security practices

    • Encrypted, GDPR-compliant communications both internally and externally

    Additionally, demonstrating adherence to these standards is an ongoing effort. Storyblok must continuously prove its commitment to safety to retain the ISO 27001 – so you can rest assured that we’re staying ahead of the pack when it comes to enterprise security.


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    Taking preventative measures from the start

    Proactive preparations are essential to a secure enterprise CMS. Not only does this approach stop threats in their tracks, but it also offers peace of mind. You can devote more energy to your projects without worrying about what may happen to them in the worst-case scenario.

    Thanks to the API-first nature of headless CMSs, threats are naturally contained to the area of the breach. Storyblok builds on this benefit by offering a variety of in-engine tools designed to enhance your safety.

    One way is with an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF). Our WAF automatically keeps your web applications and APIs safe from bots, excessive resource consumption, and other common security threats so you don’t have to.

    Similarly, Storyblok offers AI-based intrusion detection through AWS Guard Duty. That means our system will continuously be keeping an eye out for any unauthorized activity, compromised data, and malicious IP addresses.

    Storyblok editing capabilities

    Preventing security disasters in the first place is ideal. But let’s be honest – sometimes, threats slip through the cracks. That’s why Storyblok also includes security measures to help you recover from potential hacks.

    Storyblok’s enterprise plans offer daily S3 backups. Only the database needs to be backed up to make sure your service will continue. That means even in the worst-case scenario of a total compromise or site crash, you’ll have up-to-date information that you can easily implement to get your site back up quickly. It’s also under your control so you can keep a close eye on the data you’re retaining.

    Storyblok also offers alert mechanisms. This active emergency plan will sound the alarm if anything goes wrong. Your CEO, CTO, ISM, and head of development will instantly be notified. These extensive warnings mean that responses don’t rely on just one person. Your entire team will get the notice, ensuring that it’s addressed as quickly as possible.

    Security with scaling in mind

    Enterprise organizations rarely stand still. If your company is like most, you're aiming higher and higher every day. Your security system should be doing the same. With Storyblok, your CMS will be prepared to safely grow with you at any speed, any time.

    Storyblok’s enterprise plan offers a guaranteed service level of 99.9%. You won’t have to worry about interruptions even as your audience expands globally. Storyblok also continuously monitors this performance to ensure we’re providing the best service possible.

    Moreover, we understand that periods of high demand can be commonplace when you’re extending your reach. This in turn can cause site crashes. Bigger audiences should be a benefit, not a roadblock! That’s why Storyblok scales capacity during these surging periods. And if that still doesn’t do the trick, it’ll trigger the alert process we covered earlier so you can tackle the issue head-on.

    Finally, Storyblok also provides a CDN that’s designed to set you up for success. It securely delivers your data at low latency and high transfer speeds, optimizing performance for users regardless of what part of your site they’re accessing.


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    Final verdict: Is Storyblok secure?

    If you’re asking yourself “Is Storyblok secure?”, the answer is simply an enthusiastic yes. By following rigorous standards, we’ve set ourselves apart as an organization that’s internationally recognized for our adherence to top-tier security standards. With enterprise-friendly features that prevent disastrous consequences while also making room for scalability, Storyblok stands out as one of the most secure headless CMSs available today.

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