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On May 13th, 2024, Storyblok started gradually rolling out a new design for its Visual Editor. Therefore, the Visual Editor product screenshots depicted in this resource may not match what you encounter in the Storyblok App. For more information and a detailed reference, please consult this FAQ on the new Visual Editor design.


This documentation is out of date. Please check out our new documentation: Content Authoring about this topic.

Content production in enterprises sometimes requires strict workflows to make sure that every team member gets involved. Storyblok allows you to define workflow stages and rules to control what each user is allowed to do.

By default a new project in Storyblok has already three workflow stages predefined.

The predefined workflow stages are the following:

  1. Drafting
    At this workflow stage users are working on the draft version of the content item and are not allowed to publish.
  2. Reviewing
    At this workflow stage users can review the content item and make changes.
  3. Ready to Publish
    At this final workflow stage the users can publish the content item.

Customizing workflow stages

Workflow stages can be customized and created in the space settings area by users that are on the "Premium" plan level. Please check your plan level in the subscription area of the Storyblok app.


To force users to fulfill a specific workflow we recommend following setting:

  1. Drafting
  • Check the checkbox "Define as default stage for new content items"
  • Set "Reviewing" as "Next available stages"
  • Set "All users" as "User(s)/Role(s) who can change the stage Drafting to the next available stage"
  1. Reviewing
  • Set "Ready to publish" as "Next available stages"
  • Set a list of reviewer emails or a reviewer role as "User(s)/Role(s) who can change the stage Reviewing to the next available stage"
  1. Ready to Publish
  • Check the checkbox "Allow users to publish or schedule the content"
  • Set "All stages" as "Next available stages"
  • Set a list of publisher emails or a publisher role as "User(s)/Role(s) who can change the stage Reviewing to the next available stage"

With this setup users will need to go through all workflow stages when creating new content items.

How to create a new workflow stage

To add a new workflow stage define a color and a name. Then click "Create" to add the stage to the bottom of the list. To change the position of the workflow stage click on the "Settings/Cog" icon, change the value of the "Position" field and click "Save".

Creating a workflow

How to configure a workflow stage

Click on the "Settings/Cog" icon to define the settings of a workflow stage:

Configure a workflow

  • Name
    Define a name describing the task of this workflow stage.
  • Color
    Define a color to help users identify the workflow stage visually.
  • Position
    Define the position of this workflow stage.
  • Default
    If checked this workflow stage will be set as default when creating a new content item. If unchecked the content item will not have any workflow stage defined.
  • Publishing rights
    If checked the users are allowed to publish the content item or if the users are editing a content item within a release they can schedule the content item. If unchecked the users are only allowed to save the content item.
  • Stage transition rules
    With this settings you can define which workflow stages are available for which users at the selected workflow stage.
    For example: You can define a space role "Editors" and another "Approvers/Publishers" and only allow only "Approvers" to set the workflow stage to "Ready to Publish". To make sure that in this case the "Editors" can not publish a content item define the "Drafting" stage as "Default" stage.

How to filter items by workflow stage(s)

In the content browser you can filter by workflow stages and content items assigned to you clicking link "Filter". This filtered view can also be bookmarked with your browser's bookmark functionality.

Filter items assigned to me

How to change the workflow stage

To change a workflow stage go to a content item, open the "Status" tab in the sidebar and click the link "Change". This will open a dialog where you can see the available workflow stages. Choose specific users or roles and check "Notify users via email" to notify the users of the workflow stage change of this content item.

Ready to publish