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A partner perspective on the Storyblok Enterprise Plans benefits

Laura Gavrilă
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It is plain to see that all Storyblok subscription plans are packed with great features. Especially the Storyblok Enterprise plans which include a lot of unlimited features, meant to help the end user manage traffic, security, and scalability.
What is less known, however, is how these plans can benefit the Storyblok Implementation Partners, who are doing the work of setting up the structure and components inside Storyblok for the end users, the clients.
For this reason, we talked to a few of our partners to bing in the limelight these specific benefit in the article below.

Michał Hans, VP of Engineering at Storyblok Partner Agency Stok explains that the differences between a Self-Service and Enterprise plan are evident and significant, even before the project has begun:

Quote from Michał Hans, VP of Engineering at Stok

It’s been a team effort between Stok, Storyblok Sales Team and DevRels to build awareness about the technology proposed in the projects to our clients. When it comes to the Storyblok Self-Service plans we are on our own, but for our Enterprise clients we can rely on Storyblok to have our back when it comes to demos and making sure that our clients’ requirements are met from the Storyblok side.

Michał Hans
Michał Hans
VP of Engineering at Stok

The level of attention you get from Storyblok does not end with a signed contract. All Enterprise clients are assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) that will take a lot of responsibility off the shoulders of Implementation Partners. Rather than a client coming to the partner to sort their issues, the client instead has direct contact with Storyblok and the CSM. Hans explains that both Stok employees and employees on the client side have daily contact with a Storyblok CSM that helps projects stay on track.

Ed Bull at Limesharp took advantage of the Extended Support Package when they were building eCommerce websites for Paul Smith and Brora, and explains that the extra initial investment pays off in the long run.

Quote from Ed Bull, Limesharp

At the start of a project you always require more support, and this is the crucial stage where you decide on your project structure. It’s important to get this right from the beginning. Even if things are working well initially, if you don’t have an optimal set up, issues may occur once your client scales.

Ed Bull
Ed Bull

Stok is also one of the agencies that has taken advantage of the Extended Support Package. Per Michał Hans:

Quote from Michal Hans, VP of Engineering at Stok

The requirements and demands from our Enterprise clients are on a completely different level, and we need to quickly get Storyblok developers on the phone during the production phase to keep our time-lines

Michal Hans
Michal Hans
VP of Engineering at Stok

Another benefit with the Enterprise plans are the development spaces. Unlike the Self-Service plans, which are capped at one space, the Enterprise Plans include three spaces in the subscription.

Both Hans and Bull agree that staging is often a requirement from larger customers, and the preferred way of the agencies to work, with different spaces for Production, Testing and Development. It’s inherently a much safer process. In addition, the Enterprise plans come with all standard practices when it comes to security, from daily back-ups to 99.9% uptime SLA and above.

With the Enterprise plans you get access to all integrations Storyblok has created within the Storyblok Tech Ecosystem. For example, if we are talking about an eCommerce store, there could be integrations required to tools for eCommerce, personalization, localization, DAM, CDN, search, hosting, PIM etc. Should the implementation partner create the necessary API integrations for all these tools from scratch, they would have to invest significant resources. The Storyblok Enterprise plans enable their implementation partners to forgo these labor intensive steps altogether. On top of that, Storyblok guarantees to maintain and update these integrations.


Read our Enterprise Guide for partners.

Section titled Conclusion Conclusion

The Storyblok Enterprise Plans offer a wealth of benefits not only for end-users but also for the Storyblok Implementation Partners. These plans provide unlimited features that empower partners to efficiently manage traffic, security, and scalability for their clients. The partnership with Storyblok becomes a team effort, with dedicated support from the Sales Team and DevRels, making it easier to sell projects to Enterprise clients. The presence of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to each Enterprise client ensures smooth communication and issue resolution, lightening the burden on Implementation Partners. The Extended Support Package proves valuable during the critical project setup phase, preventing future issues and ensuring optimal performance as clients scale. Additionally, the three development spaces included in the Enterprise Plans facilitate safer and more efficient staging processes. Access to the entire range of Storyblok integrations within the Storyblok Tech Ecosystem is an added advantage, sparring partners from labor-intensive API integration work and guaranteeing ongoing maintenance and updates by Storyblok. The Storyblok Enterprise Plans emerge as an invaluable resource for Implementation Partners, enhancing their capabilities and ultimately contributing to the success of their projects and clients.