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The essential enterprise guide for partners

Tarek El Deeb

With 2022 starting off strong here at Storyblok, we wanted to take the time to really dig into our Enterprise Plans and provide you with an all-encompassing guide to our Enterprise features and how they can affect and elevate not only your business, but your clients as well. We have a range of product features and enhancements designed for you to get the most out of Storyblok, and without further ado, welcome to The Essential Enterprise Guide for Partners.

Section titled No consumption limitations No consumption limitations

The first thing you should know about when considering a Storyblok Enterprise plan is how it differs from the self-service plans in terms of consumption based limitations. For our self-service plans, we offer generous but limited consumption on some features such as API requests, content types, etc. However on the Enterprise Plans, these features function much differently. To put it simply, we place no consumption based limitations on the features listed below in the Enterprise Plans:

FeatureEnterprise Plan Quota
API Requests Per MonthUnlimited
Content TypesUnlimited

Section titled Extended activity logs Extended activity logs

As any project stakeholder will tell you, the bigger a project is and the more people working on the same project, the more likely it is to encounter small errors and mistakes. This becomes a problem for bigger projects because these small issues can easily snowball if left unattended. This is why our ‘Extended Activity Logs’ for our Enterprise plans is such an important feature. This feature guarantees a longer retention time for your activity logs (180 days) to give you more control over your space and the ability to make necessary changes on the go.

Section titled eCommerce integrations eCommerce integrations

  • Including:
    • BigCommerce
    • Shopware
    • Commercetools
    • Sylius
    • SAP Commerce (Planned in the future)
    • About You Cloud
    • CommerceLayer
    • Salesforce Commerce (Planned in the future)
    • Spryker
    • Centra
    • Vendure

All eCommerce integrations are essentially custom field types. When on an Enterprise plan, Storyblok will share the desired eCommerce Integration custom field type for the desired eCommerce platform.This means that you can add this integration to your space and use it to fetch data, such as the product name, image, price, etc from your eCommerce platform. Such data can include the product name, image, price, etc. Soon, you’ll also be able to use these integrations to filter each product by color variant, for example, giving you even more control over how your products are displayed in your Storyblok space. Let’s dig into this a little further.

Let’s use Shopware as an example. You’ve gone ahead and created an Enterprise space and we’ve shared with you the custom field type for the Shopware integration. As soon as you add it to your space, you decide to add a ‘Featured Products’ component to it. By accessing the custom field type, you can add in and store the product IDs from Shopware, select the number of products you’d like featured, and add them to the component. Now, when you add this component to your space, it’ll display your ‘Featured Products’ exactly as they are on your eCommerce platform. The great thing about these integrations is that they utilize your product ID directly from your eCommerce integration, so whenever you update your products in Shopware (add color variants, change the product image or name), those details will also get updated on the front-end as the integration directly links these systems together. With this architecture you are reducing duplicated data in different systems and therefore using the power of headless at it’s best.

Another thing you can do with these eCommerce Integrations is customize them to suit your customers. For every customer, there will be a unique way to mold the integration to suit the client, and we want to give you the ability to amend your integration to behave the way you want it to, giving you more control over how you can utilize it. In the long run, this might save your team hours of development.

Section titled Dedicated data centers Dedicated data centers

One of our Enterprise only features is the Dedicated Data Centers. Should your organization have the need to utilize additional data centers, we have the infrastructure in place to help you with your needs (at an additional cost). Currently we offer additional dedicated data centers in:

  • Mainland China
  • Europe
  • United States

Section titled Organization analytics Organization analytics

We’re fans of running our organization smoothly, and that's a trait we are sure our partners share as well. That’s why our enterprise plan comes with added ‘Organization Analytics’ to assist you in running your organization on Storyblok as smoothly as possible. These analytics give you a summarized overview of your spaces, traffic, and users across your whole organization, so you can easily keep track of your development progress.

Section titled Payment via wire transfer Payment via wire transfer

Payment via wire transfer is one of the great features which come with the enterprise plans. The Enterprise plans have a much different pricing structure, as well as multi-year options. Due to these reasons, we accept payment via wire transfer for the Enterprise plans to ease and encourage the payment process for our partners and their clients. Also, if your client requires a Purchase Order and has a complex purchasing process, they most probably want to go with the wire transfer option and therefore with the Enterprise Plans. For the exact terms and conditions, please get in touch with our dedicated Partner Success Managers.

Section titled Restricted IP address range Restricted IP address range

Chances are, if you’ve been commissioned to produce an enterprise grade project, it's for an established organization regardless of sector. With that comes the need for control over who can access the Storyblok environment and from where. This is why we offer a ‘Restricted IP Address Range’ for our Enterprise customers.

Restricted IP Address Range is a feature that allows you to specify the exact IP range in which your Storyblok environment can be accessed. If anyone attempts to access the Storyblok environment from outside your specified IP address range, they will be blocked from accessing the space. This allows both you (the implementation partner) and your client to have a level of comfort and control over this space, which is highly necessary when dealing with extremely confidential projects, companies, products, spaces, etc. It also allows your customer to specify their own IP address range once the project is handed over to them, so they can also ensure that they can control how their space is accessed once they assume control over it.

Section titled User management User management

There is no doubt that if you are working on an Enterprise project, you most likely have a handful of developers, marketers, editors, and project managers all working on the same space. To make it easier for you to manage everyone within your Storyblok Organization, we’ve added the ‘User Management’ feature, which is a centralized user management option for an organization. You can manage organization members, as well as assign collaborators with access rights to specific spaces, folders, or even fields. This gives you full control over who has access to your Storyblok account as well as who has access to each space. Furthermore, you can centrally disable or freeze users in the User Management on organization level so that your integrity of your client’s project is secured.

Section titled Single sign-on Single sign-on

One of our most exclusive Enterprise features is the Single Sign On(SSO)*. SSO removes the need for an extra password, and helps by improving the security as that is handled by your preferred provider with the authentication steps that you have setup. It also increases the speed of access because you don’t have any extra login to perform manually. For some providers, Storyblok allows special features to extend your SSO. For example, if you are using Azure, you can map groups from Azure to custom roles in Storyblok, so you can automatically assign roles based on the group in Azure.

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Salesforce
  • SAML1.0 and SAML2.0,
  • Okta
  • OAuth Google
  • Windows Active Directory (Microsoft AD) via LDAP Server

*Single Sign On can be activated at an additional cost to the base Enterprise Plan and is added by default under the Enterprise Plus Plan at no additional cost.

Section titled Up to 99.99% Uptime SLA Up to 99.99% Uptime SLA

For all Enterprise spaces, we provide a 99.9% Uptime SLA Guarantee. In addition, our Enterprise Plus Plan provides a 99.99% Uptime SLA Guarantee. What this means is that we will ensure that the Storyblok Services are available to the client with the best possible availability of up to 99.99% uptime annual average, and grant a non-exclusive right to access the Storyblok Services. With this upgrade, we have reduced the allowed yearly downtime of 8 hours 45 minutes and 56 seconds to only 52 minutes and 35 seconds.

“Storyblok Services” means the SaaS-based content management system (including the Storyblok APIs and documentation) along with updates or upgrades provided by Storyblok.

In short, we guarantee a 99.9% Uptime SLA for both the Storyblok App & APIs on our Enterprise Plan and 99.99% Uptime SLA on our Enterprise Plus Plan.

Section titled Extended Support Package Extended Support Package

Free of charge, the Extended Support Package is included with our Enterprise Plus Plan. In addition, for an additional cost, you can activate an Extended Support Package on your Enterprise plan. This package is designed to help your organization with quick response times, being super fast in your POC/MVP, and ensuring consistent quality throughout.

  • 24/7 Incident Management: Ultra fast response time to give you maximum security that we are here for you.
  • Annual Health Check: In-depth review of your implementation of Storyblok and high-quality feedback from our experts.
  • Security Audits: You can test our system and APIs to make sure Storyblok is compliant with your high standards.**
  • Developer Support within 48 hours: If you have complex requests and your developers are hitting a dead-end, Storyblok comes to the rescue.
  • Support on Javascript Bridge: Setting up the JavaScript Bridge on your project can be complicated. We guide you through the process.
  • Advice on Content Structure Setup: Not sure how to start with your Content Structure? We will advise you on best practices for a super-efficient setup.
  • Additional Data Centers: We can look into additional data centers for your space at an additional cost.

** No DOS (denial of services) tests; findings must be shared with Storyblok and must be treated as highly confidential; findings must not be exploited; non-intrusive tests are executed at predefined dates and times,which must be coordinated with Storyblok beforehand.

Section titled Growing together Growing together

As the world continues to develop into a more omnichannel virtual world, clients will always be looking at ways to enhance their positioning on the market. With our Enterprise & Enterprise Plus plans, you can be the bridge that elevates your clients to their desired standing. Reach out to one of our Partner Success Managers to learn more about our Enterprise & Enterprise Plus plans and their benefits.