Requirements, Installation & Update

Storyblok has no external dependencies. If your system can do GET requests, you’re ready to go.


Since Storyblok is a SaaS CMS, you won’t have to deal with any installation process. All you have to do is sign up, log in, and create something awesome. However, if you want to enable our SideBySide editor on your website built with Storyblok components, you will have to add our Storyblok JavaScript Bridge.


As previously mentioned, you will experience much less maintenance with Storyblok compared to a legacy or on-premise CMS. For example, you won’t have to worry about updates or downtime caused by the release of new features.

However, our API is split into versions, and if there should be any major changes, we will create a new major version along with upgrade instructions. But until this day, we have never needed to release such a major update. Stability is one of our core values, after all. To find out more, check out our Public Roadmap. and our changelog

Admin UI Requirement

Storyblok’s admin UI requires a modern web browser such as Google Chrome.

Windows, Linux & OS X

Browser Version
Chrome >= 79
Firefox >= 74
Safari >= 12
Microsoft Edge >= 80


Storyblok uses an iframe bridge which allows you to click in your page and jump to a specific component in the template. This requires you to allow embedding of your page for This is usually done by default, so you most probably won’t have to configure anything. You can, of course, also use Storyblok without the visual composer.