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Effortlessly translate and localize your content with Smartling

Enhance your content localization process with the seamless integration between Storyblok and Smartling. Simplify translation management by connecting Storyblok's powerful content platform with Smartling's advanced translation technology. Effortlessly translate and localize your content to reach a global audience while maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow.


To begin the setup process, ensure that you have a Smartling account. Once you have installed the Smartling tool plugin, follow these steps to establish the connection between Smartling and Storyblok.

  1. Go to a story of your choice in Storyblok.
  2. Open the tools bar.
  3. Inside Smartling, generate a project token.
  4. Complete the necessary settings, including User Identifier, Token Secret, and Project Id.

Translation Process

The Smartling integration currently supports folder-level translation only.

  1. Begin by creating a story in your default language (e.g., English).
  2. Make sure to make each field that is supposed to be translated as translatable by check-marking it inside the field settings.
  3. Duplicate the story and navigate to the duplicated version.
  4. Open the Smartling Tool Plugin within the duplicated story and provide the following details:
    • Job Name - a unique name for the translation
    • Target Language - the language the content should be translated to
    • String to translate - either select everything or pick content that should be translated
    • Workflow after translation is finished - choose one of your space's workflow stages where the story should be moved after the translation is finished
  5. Click on "Request Translation" to initiate the translation process.
  6. Once the translation process is completed on Smartling's end, the process of importing the translated content into Storyblok will be initiated. Important: Keep in mind that the importing process is asynchronous, meaning the changes will not occur immediately.

Recognized Limitations

  • Batch Translation: Given the characteristics of this application, it's not feasible to seek translations for multiple stories or languages simultaneously.
  • Re-submission: Once a story is sent for translation, you can't re-submit the translation until the Smartling workflow is complete and the translations are published. You'll have the opportunity to re-submit your translation modifications only after the process concludes.