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Storyblok GmbH
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Include Bynder assets into your content

Incorporate your digital assets from Bynder into your content with the Bynder field plugin.

How to set up

In the block library, select a block to edit. Add a new field, set the Field Type to Plugin, and set the Custom Type to storyblok-bynder.

Configure the options:

  • accessToken: (optional) A permanent access token. When provided, the portalDomain option is required.
  • portalDomain: (optional) The domain of a Bynder portal to which the users must authenticate. For example, If omitted, the user is free to specify any portal themselves. If accessToken is specified, this option is required.
  • assetTypes: (optional) The types of assets that the user can select. This option is an array of strings in JSON format. For example, ["VIDEO", "IMAGE"]. If omitted, the user can choose a file of any format. The following values are accepted as items in the array:
    • "AUDIO"
    • "DOCUMENT"
    • "IMAGE"
    • "VIDEO"
    • "ARCHIVE"
  • multiple: (optional) If set to true, users can select multiple assets. If set to any other value (or omitted), the user can only select a single asset.
  • hideLimitedUse: (optional) If set to true, users can only select assets that have not been marked as being of limited use. If set to any other value (or omitted), this option is disabled.
  • defaultSearchTerm: (optional) The default value for the asset search field.
  • hideLimitedUse: (optional) Hide assets that are marked with limited usage.

Example output:

    "databaseId": "2DC52E62-5FB1-4938-BF689857EF9B51E2",
    "name": "Earth",
    "description": "The Earth is our home planet.",
    "files": {
      "transformBaseUrl": "",
      "thumbnail": {
        "url": "",
        "width": 250,
        "height": 250
      "webImage": {
        "url": "",
        "width": 600,
        "height": 600
      "mini": {
        "url": "",
        "width": 80,
        "height": 80

Note that files.transformBaseUrl will only be present if Bynder’s Digital Asset Transformation feature has been enabled.