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Built-in components


On May 13th, 2024, Storyblok started gradually rolling out a new design for its Visual Editor. Therefore, the Visual Editor product screenshots depicted in this resource may not match what you encounter in the Storyblok App. For more information and a detailed reference, please consult this FAQ on the new Visual Editor design.


This documentation describes a feature in the legacy field plugin API. For the latest field plugin SDK, please refer to the documentation.

You can use Storyblok's built-in components in your custom field type for user input that require access to the management API.

Asset selector

This proxy component let’s the user select an image and sets the image url to an attribute of your custom field-type. The field attribute needs to be the key of your model attribute. Following an example:

<sb-asset-selector :uid="uid" field="your_model_attribute">

Important: your_model_attribute needs to be a property in your model that you pass in the initWith method.