Getting Started with Extensions

To create a new plugin, you will have to have a Storyblok account. Your Storyblok account is always free and you won't be charged anything for creating a new plugin. You can also create a space running on our free plan and develop your plugin with the data of this space.

  1. Create a partner account at!/partner-signup

  2. Go to the Partner Portal Section

  3. Click on Apps and the button New

  4. Enter your plugin name (those names are unique across Storyblok) and choose the app type you want

  5. Press Save

Once you signed up to be a Partner, you will have a Partner portal button in your Storyblok Interface.

Partner Portal

Inside the Partner Portal click on Apps and then on the New Button to create a new app. You will have the option to create an App of different types: a Sidebar App (Custom Application), a Field-type Plugin, or a Tool Plugin.

Storyblok editing capabilities

Once we created an App and open it, we will find all of the App settings (only for tools & custom applications). An app has an install link {1} and here you can also find the client id {2} and client secret {3}, which you will need for authenticating your application within Storyblok. In the settings, it's also necessary to add the URLs to your app in order for Storyblok to be able to load and authenticate your app {4}.

App Settings

Private vs. Partner Plugins

There are two different types of visibilities for plugins: you can have private plugins, that are only visible to you. Private Plugins are located in your personal plugin space:!/me/plugins

You can also have a partner plugin, that is visible to your whole organization. These are located in the Partner Portal:!/partner/home. You will need to register for the Partner Portal before having access.