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Extension Examples


On May 13th, 2024, Storyblok started gradually rolling out a new design for its Visual Editor. Therefore, the Visual Editor product screenshots depicted in this resource may not match what you encounter in the Storyblok App. For more information and a detailed reference, please consult this FAQ on the new Visual Editor design.

This page lists resources that will help you to get into plugin development.

Starter Projects

Field Plugins

Space Plugins

Field Plugins Examples

These are some examples of field plugin projects that were built with the latest SDK:

Field Plugin Tutorials


All the tutorials below are using the legacy field plugin SDK. When creating new field plugins, we recommend using the latest SDK.

Custom Sidebar Application Tutorials


The articles below are using the legacy authentication library (@storyblok/nuxt-auth). When creating new tool plugins or custom sidebar applications, we recommend using the Next.js and Nuxt.js starter projects: