Headless CMS: How does Storyblok compare to Contentful?


Storyblok is a headless CMS similar to Contentful. Besides Content Types and flat collections, you are able to build your content structure in folders and you’re still able to build out a page like content structures if you want to.

Components in Content Entries

You can use reusable fields, so-called components, that can be nested in a tree-like structure inside one content entry, therefore you can use it much easier to build out a full-blown website with grids, columns, and image sliders.

Website components

You may already create components like teasers, grids or feature sections in your daily business as a developer. Content blocks allow you as a developer to reuse those components elsewhere, refilling them with new content each time if necessary.

Visual Composer + Form based

Another big advantage is our visual compose mode that your marketers/editors can use besides the normal form-based approach to manage your content and build websites.

Form based

Thanks to “The Bridge”, our visual composer gives you a preview of the changes you make to your website, even before those changes go live. Our composer also boasts visual hints to help you easily find the elements you’re looking for.

Visual composer

You can try the visual composer in our demo space at any time.

Extendable by Design

We built Storyblok with a robust and flexible plugin system (no plugin hell, local development) to give our customers the power to extend the editor with custom field types, like a color picker or a google maps location selector. It is basically a Vue.js 2.5.2 component extended with a few helpers in the ‘window.Storyblok.plugin’ variable, that you can utilize to customize your editor experience if our existing field types are not enough.

Plugin Demo

Generous free plan

Our plans: free to advanced are designed to allow developers to build out their websites and apps, without limitation in content-types or entries. We listen to our customers and adapt accordingly: That means - use whatever you need. We don’t want you as developer hit a rate limit during your development or testing because that’s actually pretty annoying - we know that - and we had the same problem with other services.

generous free plan

Tree like content structure if needed

With Storyblok you can do more than just write articles, or create portfolio entries. You can define a folder structure as you’re used to from traditional CMS if you need it - still accessing everything using our Content Delivery API. Build out landing pages with nested components and create different language versions by using folders.

Want to experience it all?

Developers and Marketers all around the globe are already using Storyblok to bring their projects to market faster and in the budget. If you like the idea of an enterprise-ready, flexible and performant headless CMS you can sign up and try out all features of every plan we offer – for free. If you have questions you can always start a conversation with us in our live-chat widget in the app or on the website.

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Dominik Angerer

Dominik Angerer

A web performance specialist and perfectionist. After working for big agencies as a full stack developer he founded Storyblok. He is also an active contributor to the open source community and one of the organizers of Stahlstadt.js.