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We filled our documentation with plenty of examples and tutorials. If you still get stuck drop us a line in the live chat.

Visual Editor

With the easy to use visual editor you give your clients a self explaining interface.

Nestable Content Blocks

Compose your content with a tree based structure. The best thing is that blocks are nestable to an unlimited level.

Clone projects

Easily clone projects in the interface. Storyblok let's you create copy spaces and components between projects.

Image Transformations

Achieve a Google Pagespeed score of 100% with Storyblok's on-the-fly image resizing and optimising service.

Custom Field Types

Extend the editor with custom fields like a color picker or a google maps location selector.

Developers about us

Seriously impressed by the @storyblok CMS demo we got yesterday. Lots of thoughts around process and developer needs, while not forgetting author experience. Real good fit for the #JAMstack
Well I can totally recommend Storyblok. It works like magic for @VueVixens website built with @nuxt_js and it's so easy to manage everything with it 😍
A huge thanks to our new @opencollect partner @storyblok and to all of you for your support every day for almost 2 years now 😍
Storyblok + Nuxt.js = a perfect match! As a Vue.js developer it is very easy to build custom plugins to make the CMS even more powerful. And thanks to the Visual Editor, your clients will love it too!
Markus Oberlehner
Markus Oberlehner
Open Source Contributor, Blogger,
Security, scalability, speed! Storyblok delivers for us all the strengths of an API-based CMS, on steroids. The fast and intuitive UI makes it a breeze to work with for our content marketers.
Ivan Petrov
Ivan Petrov
Web Developer,
@storyblok is the first CMS I've enjoyed using. Ties in perfectly with @reactjs and Next.js. Support has been fantastic, and I'm old enough to appreciate the benefits of a hosted solution.
Made my first PWA with Nuxt, Storyblok, and Netlify. This setup rules! Top benchmark almost out of the box! @storyblok @Netlify @nuxt_js Next projects coming!
We practically built our own website constructor using @gatsbyjs together with @storyblok... Now our marketing team can make new pages and edit the existing ones without any developer impact.
Built my site using @vuejs statically generated with @nuxt_js managing blog content with @storyblok deployed through @Netlify. It’s so choice. Couldn’t be happier. #cms #javascript #magic
With Storyblok everything is just easier: fast and lean website development and intuitive, user friendly content management. Satisfied customers are guaranteed.

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