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An API-First Headless CMS for your Store

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Api driven ecommerce


Storyblok’s powerful content delivery API lets you focus on building the customer experience. We handle all the heavy lifting of content management, approval workflows, multi-language and multi-country setup.

Easy to integrate

Make elements editable in a visual editor by including a HTML comment and build a flexible component-based site structure.

<!-- Example in handlebars, twig or liquid -->
{{ blok._editable }}
<div class="teaser">
  <h1>{{ blok.headline }}</h1>
Drop in ui components

Visually build your Product Pages

Scaleable infrastructure

Scaleable and speedy

Create millions of content items and distribute your content on multiple platforms via our built-in CDN. Images are automatically optimized and can be cropped and resized on demand.

Technology independent

Storyblok is a API-first CMS, meaning that you can integrate it into almost any eCommerce platform on the market, including Magento, Shopify, Versacommerce, Vtex, Bigcommerce or any other system that allows code editing.


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