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Unpacking the Storyblok Partner Program

Tarek El Deeb

Section titled What is the Storyblok Partner Program? What is the Storyblok Partner Program?

Now that you've found your way to the Storyblok’s Partner Program, you’re probably wondering what it features, how it works, and how you can benefit from it. The program is a multi-faceted community where partners can learn about Storyblok, find the right customer leads, and dedicated support from our partner management team, to start! 

Our Partner Program is designed and designated to help our partners find the right customers. We encourage all technology agencies, eCommerce agencies & digital agencies to join our Partner Program to be a part of a community of Storyblok specialists.  

Please read this article for more information or watch Barry, our VP of Partner, unpack the Partner Program benefits at Stories from the Blok.

Section titled How does it work? How does it work?

To join the Partner Program, every potential partner needs to go to our dedicated Partner Page, and fill out the Partner sign up form. To begin the partner process with us, please submit the web form on our site right here. Once Storyblok receives the application, it will undergo a verification process to verify your suitability for the program. Once completed, we will be in touch to explain the next steps in our partner onboarding process. 

Section titled Key benefits Key benefits

Every partner will want to know what benefits they’ll find within the Storyblok Partner Program that will boost their business. The scope of our partner program is to offer a fair set of advantages out of which both the partners and Storyblok will benefit from. The program boasts many benefits that every partner will find a use for. From revenue share, to partner listings, to dedicated partner management and more, the Partner Program will benefit everyone. 

Section titled Revenue share Revenue share

Revenue sharing is the means by which you can make additional earnings based on the number of clients you bring to Storyblok. As your clients will be paying a monthly/yearly subscription fee for Storyblok access, you as our partner will be entitled to a percentage of the subscription fee, the “revenue share”, and you will receive a share of profit for every new subscription created through your confirmed Partner Portal. Read more about revenue share.

Section titled Free staff members  Free staff members 

Add unlimited staff members that you can use on all development and customer spaces – for free. Add your agencies’ development and design team and start collaborating. Access every space with just a click and help out a colleague. All invoices in one place.

Section titled Development spaces  Development spaces 

Unlimited and free development spaces for all your customers in one place. Save time on developer onboarding and maintenance.

Section titled Build and sell apps  Build and sell apps 

As a partner, you can create and sell your custom-built Storyblok apps on our marketplace and profit with monthly subscriptions. You can also make use of our existing Storyblok native apps to assist you with SEO, S3 Backups, Activities, as well as many others, available from our marketplace. 

Section titled Co-marketing opportunities Co-marketing opportunities

Showcase your case studies on our partner listing page and work with us on cross promotional marketing. You’ll find a lot of pre-existing case studies and success stories here, such as UPC Business and Fundbox. Other opportunities such as through product updates, communications, and invitations to events.

Section titled Dedicated partner management team  Dedicated partner management team 

A key benefit of being a member of the Storyblok Partner Program is the ability to get sales and enablement support from a dedicated partner manager. Our partner manager will provide you with any assistance you need regarding using Storyblok or providing sales support and enablement to get the most out of Storyblok.

Section titled Education Education

Partners will be the first to know when a new learning opportunity is available which provides access educational & promotional material, white-label sales decks as well as technical implementation guides to enable faster selling. By learning everything about Storyblok through our dedicated Partner Program Learning Management System, you will have all the tools to convert that knowledge into sales.

Section titled Perks Perks

Accelerate your business with our tool partnerships that offer you discounts, credits or even free usage. No strings attached – Use what you want or even become a perk. Reviewed and trusted platforms and products, such as Lokalise,, Vercel, as well as many others.    

Section titled Partner listing Partner listing

Once you join the Storyblok Partner Program, we will create a company profile for you, detailing your competencies and general information. Your profile will get listed on our exclusive partner listings page, which will help us connect you to the right customer leads, as well as giving potential customers a platform to reach you.

Section titled Key takeaways  Key takeaways 

The Storyblok Partner Program is a space where our partners can find the right leads, obtain the knowledge to convert those leads to sales, and have access to dedicated partner management to be with you along the way. 

Ready to get started?

Join our partner program and begin your journey to become a certified Storyblok partner today.