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Stories from the Blok #2

With “Stories from the Blok” we have created an online event to learn about the latest developments from the Storyblok ecosystem and the larger web development community. This event focused on components and why they are a crucial part of the Jamstack & headless universe.

Welcome & State of Storyblok

Hear everything about the current state of Storyblok and where the company is going.

Dominik Angerer - CEO @ Storyblok

Unpacking the Partner Program

Barry, our VP of Partner, presented some exciting new benefits and features coming to the Storyblok Partner Program. In this talk, you can learn about the benefits of being a partner, our new partner listing page, and a sneak preview of our new Partner Learning Centre.

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Barry D’Arcy - VP of Partner @ Storyblok

Better Content Management in Magento 2 with Storyblok

Experience how to integrate Storyblok with Magento 2 to create content-rich pages that are easily editable. A beautiful showcase presented by Javier Villanueva, Technical Director of our partner - Media Lounge and the creator of the Storyblok-Magento integration.

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Javier Villanueva - Technical Director at Media Lounge and Storyblok Ambassador

Building Components in Harmony

Debbie, the Head Developer Advocate at, came to show us how they see the future of reusable components and how the headless community will benefit from it.

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Debbie O'Brien - Head Developer Advocate at Bit

Lessons learned from building customizable UI library

What are the non-obvious challenges of creating your own component library? What things turned out to be most important to the users, and how to optimize for modern tools and trends like headless CMS and Jamstack? If you're curious, rewatch Filip talk about the creation of Vuestorefront UI.

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Filip Rakowski - Co-founder & CTO at Vue Storefront