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UPC Business has been setting standards in the swiss telecom mar­ket since 1999 and is a part of Liberty Global since 2005. They serve customers from various key sectors and have been a strong partner for telecommunication and innovative ICT solutions for more than 20 years. With more than 16,000 customers and over 200 employees, UPC Business is a full-service provider with a partner ecosystem all over Switzerland.

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The challenge

UPC Business Switzerland needed a more agile and faster website. They were also looking for a site with the ability to have more control over their editors‘ workflow, and an easy go-to-market solution for newly developed sites.

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The result

With loading times way ahead of its competitors, UPC Business is now operating a fast, responsive website with drastically reduced page size and number of requests.

Shorter loading time (81% decrease!) improves the user experience when visiting the website, decreases the bounce rate of users (therefore the conversion rate is higher), and saves money on Google Advertising with an optimized quality score.

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Twim about Storyblok

  • Storyblok with its outstanding attributes such as the live editor and its agile structure makes everyday life much easier for us, but also for our customers. We look forward to the next projects!

    Deepak Kumar

    Chief Executive Officer, twim.ch
    Deepak Kumar

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