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    “Tell me who your friends are so I can tell you who you are” rings true nowadays more than ever.
    At Storyblok we strive to build partnerships that go beyond collaboration, creating effective and functional technology threads. In order to achieve this, we partnered with many other best of breed technologies.

    Why have technlogy partners

    Partnerships are more and more a reality of the tech industry, because there is no need to reinvent the wheel when someone else already has the blueprints to it. In other words, there are a lot of cases in which a vendor has a technology that compliments another vendor’s technology.
    These types of partnerships foster growth and longevity. Both partners benefit from each other’s resources, experience, knowledge transfer of best practices, as well as a boosted selling possibility.
    Another advantage of technology partnerships is innovation. Both parties are fully involved in taking a creative approach and offering solutions based on clients’ needs.

    Our technology partners

    Currently we are partnered with a number of best of breed technologies. Take a look at the ever expanding list of partners:

    Logos of BigCommerce Centra Commerce Layer Commercetools Lokalise Netlify Shopify Shopware Spryker Sylius

    Together with our technology partners we help your organization to accelerate and unlock its full potential for implementing successful digital projects. More than that, we help you select the right options from our tech partners, to integrate them into your project, and offer numerous interfaces to the most relevant provider on the market.

    Case studies

    Don’t take our word for it, let’s look at a few examples of outstanding projects in which Storyblok was paired with multiple technologies to deliver better digital experiences.


    Among our clients is the Swedish lifestyle brand made for women - Stronger - a brand that is present worldwide, selling online in 120 countries.
    With the help of Made People, a Swedish eCommerce agency, they built a future-proof eCommerce ecosystem, a crucial change in the way Stronger achieved their growth goals.

    In addition to Storyblok (as their CMS), Stronger also uses a range of state-of-the-art technology to provide a great digital experience.

    • eCommerce Platform: Centra eCommerce

    • Filtering: Findify

    • Emails & Newsletter: Klaviyo

    • Reviews: Yotpo

    • On-site Instagram Display: Flowbox

    • End-to-end delivery solution: Ingrid

    • Returns Management: ReBOUND

    Taking a look at the results since November 2020, the following can be stated:

    • 167% increase in orders

    • 172% increase in total revenue

    • 14% increase in mobile conversion

    • 123% increase in total traffic


    Bols is a Dutch distiller and distributor of alcoholic beverages, including vodkas, gins, liqueurs, and more. At the start of the pandemic they decided to refocus their B2B approach towards direct to consumer.
    They were already collaborating with Story of AMS, an award-winning digital agency, who at the time took up Storyblok as their CMS of choice, were ready for the challenge.
    They paired Storyblok with Shopify as the eCommerce platform and developed a super-dynamic server-side CMS eCommerce system made for the future.

    Marc O'Polo

    As a brand with a global reach, Marc O’Polo produces a great amount of content for its online shop. In an effort to improve their user experience across 40 countries they relaunched their platform, moving from a legacy architecture to a headless ecosystem.
    As an added bonus, they gained the capacity to run innovative and creative campaigns with effortless collaboration between developers and content editors.
    With Storyblok as the CMS, other microservices were integrated to the stack with ease, be it an external tool or one developed in-house.

    New architecture of Marc O'Polo ecosystem

    Storyblok unchained

    Arguably the best feature of Storyblok is its core DNA: API-first. The key component of an API-first CMS is that it enables organizations to take a best-of-breed approach, and the interoperability they provide can be used to create a best-of-breed DXP. An API-first CMS doesn’t place limitations on what your organization can create or do when it comes to digital experiences.
    Essentially, it is the first step towards API driven architecture with the added benefit of developer flexibility and productivity, being future-proof, improved user experience, and, most importantly, you can integrate Storyblok with other API led technologies.

    We built Storyblok with a robust and flexible plugin system to give our customers the power to extend Storyblok with custom applications or fields. There are three different ways in which you can extend Storyblok: Custom Applications, Field-Type Plugins, or Tool Plugins.
    On top of that we offer partner solutions and API integrations to unlock new capabilities for your Storyblok projects.

    Coming soon

    We are continuously looking to build new tech partnerships with the end goal of offering better and better digital experiences.
    We are currently working on a connector integration with Nacelle. With an API-first architecture, Nacelle connects your commerce systems to deliver PWA storefronts for faster and bespoke experiences that accelerate growth.
    When it comes to eCommerce, there is a lot of pressure on merchants to innovate in order to keep pace with eCommerce giants. The solution is a modular, headless, approach to build a modern commerce stack. Essentially, to use a set of tools and technologies aimed at helping brands and online retailers pivot to a modular architecture while keeping their tech footprint minimal.