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Storyblok announces the first traveling show: Stories on the Road

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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Starting in 2023, Storyblok will be embarking on an exciting journey: Stories on the Road – a traveling show that will tour select cities in different countries to bring our community members together, share valuable insight, and have a great time together!

Stories on the Road by Storyblok

This tour will take us to the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States. Joining the free event, you will have the chance to discover new insights, meet great names in the development industry, make connections, and enjoy drinks and pizza! It will be an unforgettable experience as we bring our Storyblok family together in each city we visit.

Section titled What Can You Expect at Stories on the Road?

Our mission at Stories on the Road is to bring great local developer names to cities that ordinarily wouldn't be on the radar for massive conferences – and to make them available to everyone. We strive to foster connections and just have a good time bringing people with one another.

Expect to have engaging and practical discussions with local professionals as well as Storyblokers, who will share their experiences during the get-togethers. These events, however, would be more akin to friendly conversations than "conference-style" sessions, as we want to encourage local communities to unite and have an inspiring time together.

We'll also be offering workshops and tutorials designed to help developers get started with Storyblok and make the most of its features. And, to top it all off, we'll be hosting a number of fun activities. So don't miss out on your chance to join us for Stories on the Road!

We've already visited the United Kingdom and Sweden, USA, and now it's time to move to Germany!

stories on the road UK

Here is how it was in the UK

Section titled Freiburg · September 6th

Grünwälderstraße 10-14 • 🕟 5:30pm (CET)

We are thrilled to announce that our partners from Smashing Conference and Virtual Identity will receive our caravan and welcome you to an incredible event in Freiburg! Join a full-packed day and dive right into exclusive conversations. Listen to The magic of DX on Frontend SDKs talk from Alex Jover.

Connect with peers from Freiburg, take home an amazing exclusive show bag, and to close your night, enjoy a good pizza and drinks with a bunch of fantastic people.

Section titled Berlin · September 13th

Motion.Lab Berlin • 🕟 5:30pm (CET)

Our traveling ensemble is arriving for an amazing event in Berlin! Join us and learn about Immersive Experiences: Using 3D in Storyblok for Enhanced Storytelling and Product Configuration by Alvaro Saburido.

Connect with peers from Berlin, take home an amazing exclusive show bag, and to close your night, enjoy a good pizza and drinks with a bunch of fantastic people.

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Join us in Germany to learn more about Storyblok and how it can help you as a developer.

Section titled What's Next?

We look forward to seeing you there! Starting from the United Kingdom, Sweden, San Francisco (USA), and Germany, we will move to France, Netherlands and Belgium to speak more about Storyblok and connect with other developers. Stay tuned and sign up today to get your chance to join us on this exciting journey!