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Storyblok's Migration Guide: Switching Storyblok Plans & Adding Spaces and Users

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Welcome to this Migration Guide on how to add Spaces and collaborators to your Storyblok account or how to migrate to another plan. Most likely, you are reading this page as your space is blocked and you need to upgrade to another plan.

Regardless of the kind of action you need to take, please find all the necessary information below. 

Section titled For Storyblok Certified Partners: Adding Spaces & Collaborators to your Partner Portal

Whenever you need to add additional collaborators or users to your Partner Portal, or you need to add private Spaces to your company’s Partner Portal, please find the information via the links below:

Section titled For Enterprise & Enterprise Plus plan subscriptions: Adding Spaces & Collaborators to your organization

Whenever you need to add additional collaborators or users to your account, or you need to add private Spaces to your company’s Organization, please find the information via the links below:

Section titled For other users (Old free plans, Self-service plans):

Whenever you are currently on the old free plan, and you need to upgrade to the Community Plan, please find out how via the link below:

In case you are currently on a self-service plan, please use the below links to find out how to add additional collaborators to your plan, or migrate to a different plan:

Section titled FAQ's:

Why are we removing the old Free Trial Plan?
As we recently introduced a new free plan (the Community Plan) we are putting our old Free Plan end-of-life on February 15th to ensure all of our existing users can get + use all the new and upcoming product features. This means that access to spaces that still run on an old free trial by February 15th will be blocked.

My Space is blocked, what should I do?
If your space is blocked by February 15th, you can subscribe to one of our plans to unblock your space. Don't worry, the community plan will still be free.

If you work at a Storyblok Partner or Enterprise client, you can link your private spaces to your respective Partner Portal or Enterprise ID to unblock your space.

Do I need a credit card for the Community plan, It's free, right?
We often notice Space owners wanting to add additional users and traffic. Eventually, this will require a plan update. To smoothen the whole process of moving to another plan, for both the user and Storyblok, we’ll ask you for your CC details. Rest assured, there will be no hidden fees. The community plan is still free.
In case you would like to skip this step, there is a possibility to do so.

I do not use this old Space anymore. What should I do?
If you are not using this old Storyblok Space anymore, we recommend that you delete your Storyblok space. Find out how to do this here.
If you do nothing, after February 15th, your space access will be disabled and you can not longer access content, assets, and space settings. If you want to ensure you will have access anytime, we'll ask you to move to our community plan.

What happens if I add a credit card to this community plan?
Your plan will still be free. However, if you eventually would like to add additional traffic or users (collaborators), the whole process will be much smoother now you have filled in your CC details.

I do not have a credit card. What should I do?
If you do not have a credit card, please contact us.

Will my website/app/front end be blocked if I do not make the switch?
If you do not make the switch, we will only block the backend, so your website/app/front end will not be affected. However, we will reserve the right to also switch off the API/assets in the future, or if high amounts of unpaid traffic are consumed.

How can I find out who my organization admin is?
Please reach out to us and we will put you in contact with your organization admin.

I am using the Space privately, and not for my company - what do I need to do?
If your company is subscribed to an Enterprise Plan with Storyblok, we have specific Terms and Conditions in place which are guaranteeing certain Service Level Agreements, Security guarantees, etc. Only if your Space is connected to the Enterprise Organization, we can make sure that we are adhering to these terms. If you are using a Space for private reasons, please do not use your work e-mail address and use your private e-mail address instead. You can transfer the ownership of the Space accordingly. Read more about Space ownership transfer here.