How we support our partner agencies

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    It takes two to tango and we promise we won’t drop you! On the contrary, once a technical, eCommerce or digital agency decides to become our “dance” partner we dedicate ourselves to them and enable them to find and, ultimately, land projects built on Storyblok. They benefit from a long list of perks, starting with an Attentive and committed partner management team and ending with a Zillion of free development spaces.

    Quote from Barry D'arcy, VP of Partners

    • “Some of our competitors require certain criteria to be a valued partner. At Storyblok, we offer our partner program and all its benefits to our network free of charge. It is our goal to offer all the tools and benefits that agencies need to grow their business on top of Storyblok”

      Barry D'arcy

      VP of Partners
      Barry D'arcy

    How we bring you on board

    After you are officially our partner (more details to that will follow), it is time to bring you onboard with the help of our Partner Success Managers. They will set up for you two types of enablement sessions - sales and technical - both for free. We are also planning to offer in the near future a project enablement session.

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    Sales enablement session

    The sales enablement session is designed for and dedicated to your sales representatives, account managers, and project managers. Specifically, for anyone in your team who is client-facing.
    The subject being sales, we will of course present and explain our pricing plan which is transparent and not, as far as possible, based on usage.
    We will also go through two ways in which we can help you generate leads: our case studies page (by uploading an extended case study) and our partner listing page.
    We often use the case studies for social media campaigns and blog articles.
    On the partner listing page, with the help of a simple, yet effective, filtering system, clients can narrow down their search and find an agency that best fits their needs. A lot of our existing partners have landed clients through this page.

    Quote from Francesca Montisci, Partner Success Manager

    • In my opinion, one of the most advantageous benefits of our Program is our Partner Listing page. Very often partners tell me that they were found by new clients thanks to this tool. It’s very satisfying to see how we can both grow together thanks to this page: it’s a win-win resource.

      Francesca Montisci

      Partner Success Manager
      Francesca Montisci

    Lastly, we present to you one of the valuable benefits of being a partner: the Partner Portal and Learning Center, where you have access to white label sales enablement materials, tutorials, and other self-education resources.

    Technical enablement session

    The technical enablement session is the most beloved by our partners, mainly because we are very very thorough. This session is dedicated to your development team and before we schedule it we send you a form to find out more about you, your preferred technologies, and your specific expectations with regards to the session.
    The session itself is presented by our Developer Relations Team, the friendliest bunch you have ever met. They are fully prepared to talk shop to your own team, present a full or short demo, depending on your request, of Storyblok, and present best practices and workarounds. They really have a knack of presenting the “hidden gems” of Storyblok, the ones that only a developer team would know to appreciate.
    Simply put, they will show you how to use Storyblok at its maximum potential.
    You will have the chance to ask any questions you might have, and, since this session is just for your agency, you can also ask and present specific issues you are facing in current projects.

    Quote from Elena Granina, Partner Success Manager

    • I think the best thing about our support is that a Storyblok partner has options: there are a lot of documents and self-paced courses inside the Partner Portal but also we provide live tailored onboarding sessions that help the dev team and the sales and marketing teams of the partner to use Storyblok and our resources to the maximum: be it a product demo, pricing model, licensing, free developer spaces or co-marketing.

      Elena Granina

      Partner Success Manager
      Elena Granina

    How we help you advertise

    We already have experience with different types of co-marketing activities and we are ready to team up with you as well. We organized and took part in webinars and conferences on certain topics, like eCommerce, digitalization, SEO etc. This is a great opportunity for both of us to grow and generate leads.
    We are also open to listen to your ideas, events or campaigns.

    How we help you sell

    We can help you with passive and active co-selling. For the former, you have access to our Partner Portal where you will find a lot of well-documented, well-written, regularly updated, white-label sales enablement materials (eg. Battlecards).
    We can also help you actively co-sell by taking part in your meetings with the client, presenting a demo with a technical or an editorial focus, answering price related questions, and generally helping you land the client.

    Last, but not least

    All our partners benefit from the revenue share program and the freedom to experiment with Storyblok with free unlimited development spaces and users - no strings attached!

    We don’t forget about you after you are onboarded. We will have regular follow-up calls, and you can contact your Partner Success Manager at any point for questions you may have.


    Become our partner by filling out this form. We will be in touch shortly to explain the next steps.


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