The mechanics of Storyblok's Partner revenue share

New Customers

The Storyblok Partner Program allows you to receive 10% of ongoing revenue shares of the customer’s monthly subscription fee. You will receive a share of the revenue on every new subscription made on spaces created through your confirmed Partner account if they were never subscribed before. A confirmed Partner account needs to have a valid Stripe Account associated with it. If you create spaces before you set-up your Stripe account in your Partner Portal there will be no revenue share even though you created the space in the Partner Portal.

Space Plans Revenue share description
Community Up to 10% ongoing revenue share of the customer’s subscription fee.
Entry Up to 10% ongoing revenue share of the customer’s subscription fee.
Teams Up to 10% ongoing revenue share of the customer’s subscription fee.
Enterprise/Enterprise Plus Get in touch with Storyblok Partner Team with details to your clients.

The revenue share is calculated on the subscription fee paid by the customer to Storyblok, net of any discounts, credits, taxes or payment provider fees in EUR through Stripe Connect.


Your Customer subscriptions to the Basic plan with 10 users is USD 1.680.00 (excl. taxes) per year. From those USD 1.680.00, Stripe will deduct their fee and convert the payment to EUR. From this EUR amount you will receive 10% right away. Here is the math:

Steps  Customer Paid Stripe Fee USD > EUR Your Earning  
Formula USD 1.680,00 -(USD 1.680,00\*2.9%+0.30) \*0,9  \*10%
Progress USD 1.680,00 USD 1.630,98 EUR 1.467,88  EUR 146,78

The conversion rate between USD to EUR is determined by Stripe and changes on a daily basis. The number used here is just an example.

You will be able to see your revenue amount in your financials area in your Storyblok partner portal once you set-up the Stripe connection.

Old Customers

For spaces that already have a subscribed space or were created before you had a confirmed Partner account (before you set-up Stripe in your Partner Portal) there will be no revenue share. If you already created a space which was not subscribed before you can add it to your partner portal and if you have a confirmed Partner account this space will also be eligible for revenue share. Make sure to add the customer as collaborator to allow them to subscribe as well once you’re ready with the space.