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Nexum Candidate Kit built on Storyblok

Agata Kędzia

Recruiting is one of the most essential and challenging processes for any company. According to a study by the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS), 79% of applicants would like to find important information about the company on the careers page before applying. Attracting those who share a company's vision, values, and passion requires compellingly showcasing a team's culture and projects.

nexum has been developing career sites for various companies for over 10 years. In 2023, the agency has set itself the goal of developing a career site for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The aim is to offer SMEs a career site that is quick and intuitive to use and takes HR marketing to the next level. The product was launched in September 2023 and is called Candidate Kit.

nexum has seen many content management systems (CMSs) but found Storyblok to be the solution for the Candidate Kit. Storyblok enables the agency's developers to work quickly and efficiently and, on the other hand, offers the customers a simple and intuitive operation. Thus, it’s a perfect match.

Candidate Kit landing page

Section titled Use of Storyblok for the creation of conversion-optimized career websites Use of Storyblok for the creation of conversion-optimized career websites

The nexum Candidate Kit is a fast and low-cost career modular site builder that fulfills the website needs of both job applicants and companies. The Candidate Kit combines content with jobs. Candidates can find out about the employer, areas of responsibility, and benefits on the career page, but they are also informed about vacancies.

Companies can quickly and easily create new websites to convince candidates and inform them about the content - whether a content page or a landing page.

Quote from Pascal Becher, Lead Developer at nexum AG

What convinces me about Storyblok are the technical possibilities to create the right solutions for customers, editors, and developers. In addition to good support and a wide range of options, the thorough documentation is especially helpful.

Pascal Becher
Pascal Becher
Lead Developer at nexum AG

With the Candidate Kit, businesses can:

• Work with over 30 different applicant management systems (ATS) such as Workday, SAP, or Personio. The job data is imported and displayed on the career page. If an open position is taken offline in the ATS, it automatically disappears from the career page without further action. This provides candidates with an optimal presentation of jobs directly on the careers page.

• Securely host websites on EU servers: The websites built on Candidate Kit are hosted on reliable servers in the EU. Secure hosting ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection regulations, as well as fast and stable performance.

• Optimize platforms for mobile versions: Talent-seeking entities can ensure their career websites are responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes and devices. This allows them to reach and engage more potential candidates who use mobile phones or tablets to search for jobs.

• Build SEO-friendly career websites: Businesses can optimize career websites in terms of SEO, which enhances their visibility and ranking on search engines. With the page builder, attracting organic traffic and qualified leads to their career pages is easier. In addition, the job advertisements are structured in a way that allows controllers such as Glassdoor and Indeed to find the jobs and display them on their job platforms - completely automatically and fully automated, without incurring any further costs.

• Ensure intuitive editorial user experience for editors and candidates: Marketers can edit and seamlessly publish content, preview changes, and collaborate with other team members.

• Design customizable and modular career websites: Storyblok's Visual Editor and a component-based approach enable teams to create and update their career websites without coding or relying on developers or the agency. They can also choose from pre-designed templates and layouts to suit their branding and style. For this purpose, nexum has also created templates that can be used by companies to build optimal pages. This includes best practices for benefits, company history, etc.

Section titled ECOVIS KSO career website built on the nexum Candidate Kit ECOVIS KSO career website built on the nexum Candidate Kit

ECOVIS is a global consulting provider offering tax consulting, legal advice, auditing, and since 2023, management consultancy to clients from venture capital companies and start-ups, real estate companies and NPOs to demanding SMEs and listed companies nationally and internationally. The ECOVIS KSO division decided to launch their career website with the help of nexum, leveraging the Candidate Kit. This is how it helped them attract the best talents:

  • The seamless transfer of job data between Personio (HR software) and the Candidate Kit has significantly improved ECOVIS' recruitment process. The quality of candidates has improved. It should also be noted that the conversion rate has already increased by 30% within 4 weeks.
  • Storyblok's intuitive and modular system lets them easily update and maintain their careers page content. Marketers can do it independently from developers, streamlining their internal processes and enabling them to individualize the career website's content.
  • The platform is optimized for SEO performance, promising better visibility in search engines. It also extends ECOVIS' reach for their already narrow target group.
  • The Visual Editor and real-time preview feature lets marketers flexibly proceed with content changes anytime. Thanks to this, the process became easier and more customizable.

ECOVIS' career website

The project took 6.5 weeks from kick-off to go live, including content migration and connection of the Job Data. nexum leveraged such future-proof solutions as Next.js (React), TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS, with Storyblok in the center of the tech architecture.

Quote from Anja Ludewig, Team Lead Marketing at Ecovis

Storyblok's intuitive and modular system allows us to easily maintain and update content on our careers page. In addition, we can react dynamically to changes without compromising on the presentation layer or being dependent on developers.

Anja Ludewig
Anja Ludewig
Team Lead Marketing at Ecovis

Section titled Ready to attract and engage the best talents with nexum and Storyblok? Ready to attract and engage the best talents with nexum and Storyblok?

It's easy - build your unique career website with the help of nexum and Candidate Kit in 6 just steps:

  • Kick-off: Determine the specifics of your implementation, and understand the onboarding plan.
  • Technical implementation: Set up the website, implement hosting, and integrate an applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Design and setup: Coordinate and implement the design, and coordinate the legal framework.
  • Content migration: Migrate your text and images/videos to the website.
  • Final testing
  • Go live!