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Furgonetka, the client, needed an app that simplifies landing page development. The goals were to have landing pages that are SEO-friendly and a tool that is easy for non-technical employees to use and for rookie devs to maintain. Regarding the architecture, the intention was to prioritize modularity and maintainability. We have used the atomic approach to develop reusable components. Regarding performance, the intention was to combat data fetching issues while integrating with Storyblok’s API, for which we used GraphQL as our API language. The challenge was that this multilingual app required translations. Those from outside of the Storyblok layout proved difficult to model. Storyblok components were to be maintainable, extendable, and reusable. To achieve this, we used the following Storyblok features: Data sources for data modeling, translatable fields to save time while implementing internationalization, and quick environment changes & live preview to make the development easier.

AWS S3 + Cloudfront
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