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Speak to your audience in every language

Localize and globalize your content with the CMS from Storyblok.

Proudly Serving Amazing Companies

A headless CMS with a global vision

With Storyblok’s field level translation and folder level translation you can publish and deliver your content internationally, and define your localization strategy geared towards a global audience.

The power of omnichannel

Create your content and publish it everywhere (we really mean everywhere)! Tell your story to every corner of the world in every language to any device - from web to mobile, VR, IoT & much more.

Shorter time to market

Quickly launch to market with Storyblok’s field level translations supported by Google Translate. Use only one content tree to distribute in different languages worldwide.

Choose which stories to tell

With folder level translation use separate content trees for each language - organizing your content seamlessly by each language, different market, or even for your international internal teams.

Localize your content and assets

All of your content types and assets are localizable - rich text, your URLs, SEO metadata, and responsive images.

On top of that, we also have a selection of localization apps for you to use as well - from Translatable Slugs, Dimension, Advanced paths, as well as custom-built apps you can integrate.

One platform for everyone

Got an international team? No worries! Storyblok’s interface translates to the language of your team from marketers and editors to developers. We’ve made our interface adaptable for an easy editing experience so you can focus on getting to market. Our interface supports 11 languages and counting!

  • Quote from Janis Stipnieks, Technical Lead at TrackMan

    The first thing that caught our attention was Storyblok’s localization setup. It is so easy to connect, set up and utilize the locales we needed for new languages and markets.

    Janis Stipnieks
    Janis Stipnieks
    Technical Lead at TrackMan
  • Quote from Emelie Samuelsson , Head of Tech at Xlash

    It’s the ease of use in localization that has simplified our content efforts in an organized way while being able to preview the page before going live with the visual editor has changed how we present campaigns and new pages.

    Emelie Samuelsson
    Emelie Samuelsson
    Head of Tech at Xlash
  • Quote from Guilherme Medeiros, VP of Engineering at New10

    Our content team’s lives have become more enjoyable with Storyblok, where they’re able to push campaigns and content live in a matter of seconds.

    Guilherme Medeiros
    Guilherme Medeiros
    VP of Engineering at New10
  • Quote from Michael Saifoudine, Senior Website Manager at Spendesk

    We chose Storyblok to build faster and conduct agile testing within minutes. It enables editors to use the design system with a live preview in the Visual Editor, giving editors and developers more autonomy.

    Michael Saifoudine
    Michael Saifoudine
    Senior Website Manager at Spendesk
  • Quote from Ronan Morris, Founder & Digital Strategist at Together Digital

    With over 100 websites built on Storyblok, we're seeing the long-term value of headless as marketing teams fall back in love with their websites.

    Ronan Morris
    Ronan Morris
    Founder & Digital Strategist at Together Digital
  • Quote from Robin W. Wolters, VP Growth at Yoco

    Storyblok is one of the best CMS tools we've used. The drag-and-drop interface is super easy to use, but you can also create and customize components for specific designs and media. It’s such a great blend of simplicity and flexibility.

    Robin W. Wolters
    Robin W. Wolters
    VP Growth at Yoco
  • Quote from Matthias Knoche, VP of Product at McMakler

    Storyblok scaled exactly to how we imagined our use cases to grow. We were able to cut down development time from a matter of 8 to 10 weeks to just a few days.

    Matthias Knoche
    Matthias Knoche
    VP of Product at McMakler
  • Quote from Sean Kiefer, Engineering Manager & Tech Lead at New10

    Editing a simple button used to take us 8 pages with our previous CMS. Now, it's all in one place and just a click away. Storyblok strikes the perfect balance between performance, static hosting, and fast-paced content processes.

    Sean Kiefer
    Sean Kiefer
    Engineering Manager & Tech Lead at New10

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