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What makes Storyblok the right choice for your next project

Ana Ilievska
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Let me begin by bragging about all the amazing recognitions that have placed Storyblok as the #1 Content Management System (CMS). It is the highest-rated 'Momentum Leader' in G2's Headless CMS category. Storyblok is also a 'Leader' in Component Content Management Systems, Headless CMS, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Web Content Management. We are ISO 27001 certified, which indicates that we've demonstrated rigorous adherence to the highest international security standards.

Storyblok is part of the MACH Alliance, which means we adhere to the MACH technology principles that focus on the latest best-of-breed platforms and stands for microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless. We recently received recognition as one of 31 Agile CMS providers in Forrester's: One of the most influential research and advisory organizations worldwide in understanding and identifying current trends, the development, and the direction of the business and technology markets. Long story short, we wouldn’t have received all these awards and recognition and an extremely high user rating on G2 if we truly weren't the #1 CMS and the perfect solution for your projects.

Our team, current partners and clients are aware of all the reasons why Storyblok stands out amongst all the other CMSs in the market. We have experienced these reasons firsthand and have seen all the amazing projects that have been created with our CMS. We know that we should be your and your clients' CMS of choice and want to guide you on your Storyblok discovery in the smoothest and most straightforward way. For that purpose, we have talked to our sales team, partner team, clients, and partners and have outlined the most valuable information to share with you regarding your road to discovering Storyblok and choosing it as your CMS.

Section titled Why agencies choose and enjoy having Storyblok as their partner Why agencies choose and enjoy having Storyblok as their partner

I would need a whole article, maybe even two, to list and explain all the amazing benefits our partners enjoy as part of our Partner Program. However, agencies also choose to work with us because of the qualities of our CMS. These unique qualities help them create stunning projects for their clients. This helps them build long-lasting relationships based on trust and, above all, excellent results. Therefore, my focus is on your clients and all the incredible benefits they can enjoy from your partnership with Storyblok.

From partner conversations and case studies, we have learned that clients often struggle when choosing a CMS for their projects because it is imperative for them to choose a solution that will deliver flexibility and the right tools for the price. Clients often end up choosing Storyblok after they conduct their research and comparisons, a decision based on its following qualities:

  • Simplicity: Creating projects with Storyblok is simple from start to end. Our users, especially the ones with no coding knowledge or developer skills, unanimously agree that Storyblok is simple to use, organize, design, and adjust to create excellent web content throughout multiple channels. Lastly, developers find that setting it up is super straightforward. As our users say: Integrations and migrations are outrageously simple. The support users enjoy makes the process flawless. Simply put: Storyblok stands out by being easy to use.
  • Speed: Because of how simple it is to set up a project with Storyblok, it takes much less time to get going. In fact, it takes weeks instead of months to develop a new, global, multilingual website with our CMS. Fast time to market and no lengthy website downtime are the phrases our partners use when describing their clients' projects with Storyblok.
  • Easy project handover: Most of our partners tell us that it takes them a ridiculously short amount of time to get their clients onboarded. We hear that users have a simple learning process due to how easy it is to use the CMS and its nice and clean UI. Their words, not ours!
  • Independence: After the onboarding process is completed and the project handed over, clients want to be able to leave the nest and fly away independently, which is easily achievable with Storyblok. Our partners tell us that users praise the fact that they can manage their content without any external help. This is due to the way Storyblok manages content and content types using blocks, which is very intuitive and comprehensive for non-technology users.
  • Compatibility and Integrations: We often get the question of whether there are any limitations to what you can do with Storyblok, and honestly, the sky's the limit. Our CMS is compatible and integrates with every framework so that you are free to choose the best fit for your project. We even have guides and tutorials that help users with the process. Storyblok has integrations for eCommerce, localization, deployment and hosting, digital asset management, and much more. We offer apps for SEO, content release scheduling, translatable slugs, approvals, etc. Users can even build their own apps. And the best of it all, it all integrates seamlessly, as stated by Storyblok users.
  • Real-time Visual Editor: Where to even begin? The Storyblok Visual Editor is the star of the show! It is a feature users cannot live without. Once they try it, there is no turning back. The editor is a live preview of the current page that you are working on and allows you to simply click on any part of the preview to edit its content. Our partners often tell us that it has saved their clients time, eliminated errors, and made the process of creating and editing content fun for them.

Section titled What are the initial concerns potential Storyblok users have and how to address them? What are the initial concerns potential Storyblok users have and how to address them?

We spoke with our sales and partner team members to identify the biggest concerns and the most common questions clients usually have in their Storyblok discovery process. Some of those concerns and questions were related to integrations, speed, support, ease of use, etc., topics we have covered in the previous section of this article. However, we always strive for perfection and for that purpose, we will cover the more uncommon questions that potentials clients concern themselves with:

  • Why headless: For those of us who have experienced the magic of headless, we know that there is no turning back to monolithic. However, we understand that changes can be scary and moving to a headless system might seem like a lot to chew on, but our partners and Storyblok users all agree that headless CMSs are the future. In a monolithic setup, the website suffers because the frontend is so tightly coupled to the content management system that any upgrades or changes need to be applied to everything. With a headless CMS, you can freely replace the frontend whilst retaining the existing backend or push the same content to multiple channels. This gives users freedom, data security, and the ability to create best-of-breed integrations.
  • Pricing and features: We are really proud to have predictable pricing that scales when you decide to. The best part: developers, freelancers and small businesses get free forever community accounts and nonprofits & educational institutions get special discounts. There are no setup fees for our self-service customers at all. Lastly, our enterprise pricing is transparent and fair, unlike other competitors in the market.
    Our user reviews praise us for being well priced. Moreover, it has been said that the price is superb compared to how many features you get from it.
  • Security: Headless CMS platforms protect against security risks due to their decoupled nature. Storyblok uses APIs to provide content that is read-only. Additionally, that API can be placed behind an application and a security layer so your data is always safe! In addition, you can configure manual or automatic daily backups of your content and component definitions in Storyblok with the Backups app. This adds additional security and lets you restore the backups created on your personal Amazon AWS S3 bucket. Our servers are located in the EU, which gives you peace of mind. You can find out more about our access control, data protection and change management practices here. After all, we are ISO 27001 certified because we've demonstrated rigorous adherence to the highest international standards of security. Founded in 2017, Storyblok has become a global player in the CMS market in only 4 years, which has exceeded all our expectations and goals. We keep growing stronger and smarter and today, 74,000 + developers & marketers use Storyblok's CMS. We have over 1000 partners who trust us and want to work with us.
  • The future: We are always looking ahead at Storyblok. Even our CMS is future-proof. Since connections are made using APIs, an API-first CMS like Storyblok makes your business future-proof since you don't have to rip and replace to react to changes constantly. Instead, integrations with technologies that haven't even been invented yet can happen just as easily as they do today. So, you can relax and stop worrying about the future because you will be ready for it!

Section titled Key Takeaways Key Takeaways

One of our users has said that Storyblok is the best tool they’ve ever worked with and we couldn’t agree more. We use our CMS every day and we love it, which is why we dedicated this post to discovering Storyblok. We hope to have provided you, our partners, with the information you need to help your clients make the right decisions when it comes to choosing the right CMS for their next project.

And of course, we know new questions and concerns will always arise, which is why we suggest referring to our FAQs page. Moreover, our team is always available and can be reached here. We look forward to welcoming you and your clients to Storyblok.