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Introducing Storyblok V2: The Future of Digital Storytelling

Gillian Mays
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Storyblok V2

Innovation means constantly improving, searching for ways to enhance your work, and building a better experience for all of your users. Here at Storyblok, we embrace innovation. And no project better embodies that than Storyblok V2.

Storyblok V2 represents the best, most up-to-date Content Management System (CMS) experience that we have to offer – and we’re excited to show you all that it’s capable of. To celebrate the launch, let’s take a look at how we got to V2, what features it can offer, and how it’ll empower our users to create the next generation of digital experiences. Then, join us for the launch event on August 4th, 2022!

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Section titled The origins of V2 The origins of V2

In 2017, our two co-founders Dominik and Alex reimagined how companies organize and personalize content experiences. They had a vision for a CMS that empowered not only developers but content teams as well. Since then, Adidas, Pizza Hut, and over 82,000 others have used Storyblok to build unrivaled digital experiences, boost overall performance, and streamline content operations.

We strive to continuously build upon those benefits, keeping up with changing market demands and technology so that our users can always perform at their highest levels. By focusing on ways we could improve our CMS even further and listening to what our community wanted, we set out our roadmap and got to work.

Section titled Why Storyblok V2? Why Storyblok V2?

With Storyblok’s new CMS experience we are doubling down on our promise to establish Storyblok as the #1 CMS for the 21st century by shaping the future of digital storytelling.

Storyblok is here to empower businesses to create and scale better content experiences across all channels. And with Storyblok V2, we are setting the foundation for that.

What started in August 2021 as a private beta of Storyblok with thousands of early users testing the new version and giving us tremendous and important feedback has evolved into our biggest product update yet.

Now, the day has come for the official launch! Let’s cover what features we’ve included in V2.

Section titled What to expect in Storyblok V2 What to expect in Storyblok V2

Storyblok V2 is an all-new, faster, more powerful content management system packed with new features and refinements designed to facilitate the future of digital experiences across all channels.

Check out the video walkthrough below for the full story!

An example of the Storyblok V2 user interface updates.

First up, we’ve added some serious upgrades to our interface. All of our menus, navigation options, and filtering tools have been updated to help you manage your content in the best way possible.

Another significant UI update is a simpler way to manage roles and general space settings. Staying informed on who’s changing what in your space has never been smoother.

Section titled All-new visual editor All-new visual editor

As the headless CMS that works best for developers and content teams alike, we’ve always known how important it is to provide an intuitive creative experience. Now we’ve made it even better by updating it with a new UI and navigation buttons to make content creation easier.

Additionally, there’s an improved Blocks Library: with V2, you can find your blocks straight from the visual editor. That means you can edit and create components directly in this area. We’ve also included a way to browse them within your content tree with the new Block Search functionality. Get a bird’s-eye view whenever you need it, whether you're using visual or form-only editing.

Finally, we’ve streamlined how you work with your teams. The new Discussions feature helps you collaborate directly within the CMS. Creating content together doesn’t have to be difficult. With direct communication and other organizational management features, you can focus less on how to talk to each other and more on the project at hand.

Section titled Directly manage and edit your assets Directly manage and edit your assets

We’ve completely renewed our digital asset manager to make organizing your content a breeze. Now, you can manage everything from a single place. It also boasts a powerful tagging and activities system that means you can locate every instance of an asset’s use at once. You never have to wonder where your assets are being used again!

V2 also marks the introduction of our top-of-the-line image editor. You can use the in-engine creative capabilities to make changes directly. Do anything from simple cropping to more complex operations like color controls and censoring. With access to these powerful features right from your CMS, you can forget about needing to juggle a separate tool for your images.

A sample of what the Storyblok V2 image editor looks like.

Section titled What does V2 mean for Storyblok users? What does V2 mean for Storyblok users?

Storyblok V2 has completely changed the way our users can create their content for the better. It brings powerful new features, the UI is more intuitive, and the overall user experience has gotten a boost!

However, these improvements won’t change what really matters: your existing projects. Backend services and current content will remain untouched, meaning you can seamlessly transition into a better editing experience without having to worry about growing pains.

V2 is also a testament to how we're always looking for ways to evolve. We have a strong community of developers and content creators, and we’re always listening to what they need to perform their best. V2 is far from the end of this journey. Check out our Storyblok Roadmap for more information on where we’re headed!


Our V2 Editor Guides will help content creators quickly learn about all the new features, and how to use them.

Section titled What's next? What's next?

V2 takes the features that make Storyblok great and elevates them even more. We’ve made big changes and improvements so that you can create content that resonates with your audience. With V2, our CMS can help you launch your company into the future of digital storytelling.

Want to learn more about V2? Join us for the V2 launch event Thursday, August 4th, 2022, or sign up at to see Storyblok V2 in action!

Section titled FAQs FAQs

What's new in Storyblok V2?We've upgraded to an advanced UI, an improved visual editor, better direct asset management, intuitive discussion features, and a brand new in-engine image editor.
When will V2 roll out?Starting August 2nd, Storyblok V2 will be gradually rolled out to all existing spaces over the next 4 days.
Will my current projects be affected?Nope! There are no changes to our backend services, meaning there are no changes or updates necessary for your projects.
Can I still use V1?While you can choose to switch back to V1 after August 2nd for at least 6 months, we recommend that you adopt V2. It's easier, faster, and packed with new features designed to improve all your content workflows.