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Storyblok is a headless CMS designed to help all users to create the best possible version of their content faster and easier.

The term ‘headless’ refers to the fact that your frontend (such as a website) isn’t directly tied to your backend. As such, you can use multiple frontends like apps, AR/VR systems, or even smart speakers – all managed from a single behind-the-scenes interface. This not only frees up your developers to build the ideal tech stack for each project but also empowers marketers to build a content strategy that goes far beyond the constraints of a traditional system.

Storyblok editing capabilities

Additionally, Storyblok's the first headless CMS to provide a visual editor that makes the editing process smoother, quicker, and more intuitive. This creator-friendly approach means that you can independently create and organize content, manipulate the layout, repurpose content and assets, and much more. Thanks to this independence, you'll have full control over your projects while also completing them more efficiently.
Storyblok editing capabilities

Ready to learn more about V2? Check out the video walkthrough below!