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Stories from the Blok #8: Sebastian Miranda with "The Road Towards V2 and What’s Next?"

Gillian Mays
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At the end of the Stories from the Blok #8, Product Owner Sebastian Miranda wrapped up with a few timely questions: How did we get to our V2 launch? What motivated us, and where will we go next? You can view the video version below, or continue reading for the written recap.

As for the motivation question, Sebastian’s answer was relatively simple: innovation. He explained how Storyblok is always looking for ways to improve upon its current technology. He discussed how the user’s needs, requests, and even complaints all played a role in dictating exactly which improvements needed to be made, starting back in 2020.

He talked about how our dedicated team of engineers worked tirelessly to improve four main areas for our users:

  • The visual editing experience
  • Workflow options
  • Collaborating with teammates
  • Automation possibilities

Sebastian went on to discuss a few key features the team was sure to include in V2. For example, they wanted onboarding to be as fast and easy as possible. The same goes for the workflow options, editing experience, and use of APIs and integrations.

After covering the past and the present, Sebastian turned his attention to the future. V2 is doubtless a great achievement – but he also mentions that we’re still listening to our users and discovering new ways to provide a high-quality experience.

For example, he mentioned Storyblok’s desire to improve collaboration even further. Other sneak peeks included even faster starts with the help of templates and blueprints, further extensibility with more Apps, and more personalization of the visual editing experience.

As for feedback, Sebastian covered how we’re even trying to improve how we communicate. A new support desk is in the works, with better interactivity and easier tracking of requests. He wrapped up with a reminder: Storyblok thrives on user feedback. Positive or negative, our users are the core of how we decide where we want our product to go.

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