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Stories from the Blok #8: Christel Forey with "Call It Magic: V2 for Content Editors"

Gillian Mays
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In this section of Stories from the Blok #8, Content Marketer Christel Forey walks us through what improvements content editors can expect from V2. You can view the video version below, or continue reading for a written recap of her presentation.

Christel started with reassurance – even with all the improvements in V2, the functionality at the core remains the same. She then walked us through a few of what those improvements look like specifically for our content editor users.

First up, she explained how V2 offers improvements to provide a clearer picture of what’s going on within a space. This is especially true given the 3 possible views for three different types of users: editors, admins, and owners.

Christel also covered a few other key improvements for content editors, including:

  • Optimized custom workflow options
  • Content scheduling using either a date and time field or a releases app
  • Settings to easily monitor user roles and activity within a space

She then moved on to ways that UI itself has evolved. Besides updates to improve navigation, Storyblok V2 also features a spruced-up Block browser as well as a content browser, meaning that finding what you need is easier than ever.

Another significant update she covered was improvements to the digital asset manager as well as the internal image editor. Content creators can now make advanced edits to images without the help of a developer. As such, both teams are free to focus on their own tasks and work independently for a faster result.

Christel then gave viewers an inside look into how Storyblok content creators are using our own technology. One of the most frequently used tools behind the scenes is the collaboration features. Commenting features and different page formats mean we can communicate directly on the platform and minimize the use of external tools.

With all the new features, Christel’s conclusion isn’t hard to guess: content creators are more equipped than ever to tell stories that support the brand with better tools and easier processes.

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