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Stories from the Blok #8: Arisa Fukuzaki with "Goodbye to Miscommunications. Hello to Transparency"

Gillian Mays
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Our recent Stories from the Blok #8 presented a deep dive into the world of Storyblok V2. V2 was designed with an overall user experience improvement in mind. To help us navigate all these improvements, Developer Relations Engineer Arisa Fukuzaki took the stage. You can view her segment below, or continue reading for a written recap:

Arisa kicked things off with a look at how V2 helps developers get started faster than ever before. She demonstrated how when creating a space, all it takes is a few clicks to get the source code to your local machine. Arisa also showed us how you can manage multiple spaces at once with the ability to copy components even across spaces.

Afterward, she walked us through a preview of the assets system. She showed us how the new image editor means your content creators can easily control assets without developer intervention. Finally, Arisa covered how you can use the advanced settings to do things like set a minimum cache for CDN and enter maintenance mode to lock editing to admins only.

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