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Stories from the Blok #8 Overview

Developers Gillian Mays Gillian Mays
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On August 2nd, 2022, we officially launched Storyblok V2! With so many new features to explore, we hosted Stories from the Blok #8: V2 Deep Dive Edition. Our hosts, Developer Relations Engineers Cat Ballar and Roberto Butti, showcased how V2 empowers marketers and content creators alike – for now as well as in the future. You can view the full event below:

If you’re looking for each speaker’s individual segment, click the links below for the videos and recaps:

Storyblok V2 is revolutionizing the future of digital storytelling – and it’s only the beginning! To learn more about Storyblok and to see if it’s right for your business, contact our team today!

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