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Enterprise benefits for partners

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The headless CMS market has gained a lot of traction and attention in the last few years. This market is currently valued at US$ 328.5 million and it is expected to grow 22.6% by 2027.
This en masse adoption of the headless CMS is, in part, due to the enhanced security and performance, flexibility, scalability and improved localization, but also due to the digital revolution pushed forward by COVID-19.
This expansion can only mean good news for digital agencies who are looking to share in these profits.

Designed for every use case

Our top offering is the Enterprise Plan, helping, as the name suggests, enterprises with all their content operation. When choosing this plan, you benefit from a simplified scalability effort. Most of the consumption-based items can be limited from a technical point of view but they do not affect the overall price. Additionally to all the features, the plan includes advanced security, extended support, an organization user manager, SSO and 99.9% uptime SLA.

With Storyblok you can create the digital experience your client wants and their users need on any platform. Starting with eCommerce and financial platforms and ending with mobile apps, we provide you with everything you need to build powerful user journeys.

Storyblok editing capabilities

Built for enterprise

In terms of added values, Storyblok decreases time-to-market, has transparent and predictable maintenance costs, enables content governance and improves page performance. Beyond these benefits, Storyblok is built for enterprise level projects, offering the following features.

Quote from Barry D'Arcy, VP of Partners at Storyblok

  • It is our goal to offer all the tools and benefits that agencies need to grow their business on top of Storyblok

    Picture of Barry D'Arcy
    Barry D'Arcy
    VP of Partners at Storyblok

Omnichannel publishing

Through it’s decoupled nature, Storyblok acts as a content repository that can feed the content, via APIs, to any channel and platform.


Using Storyblok there are two main options for managing multi-language and multi-country content: Field level translations and Folder level translations. We enable you to reach a global audience.

Page performance

When it comes to performance Storyblokcan greatly improve the performance of a platform. We are not just referring to speed, but also to the Core Web Vitals (loading time, interactivity, and the stability of content as it loads) that are combined with existing metrics of the Google ranking signal called Page Experience.

Enterprise Security

At Storyblok we store data in ISO 27001 compliant data centers in the EU, we use https protocols, data encryption, two factor authentication, and backups.

Support & Services

With an enterprise plan you have access to the highest level of support and services at all times.

GDPR Compliance

Our policies and services are GDPR compliant. Our servers (Amazon AWS) are located in Europe. We also have the option for separated infrastructure, in Mainland China or the US.


Read our enterprise guide for partners to find out more.

Revenue share

Leaving the best for last, there is another great benefit in creating enterprise projects: you can benefit from 10% revenue share, a percentage of the subscription fee paid by your clients. Below you can find an example of how your revenue share can increase once you start completing more and more Enterprise projects.


Read more about how we support our partners.

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