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Ecosystem Expanded: Lokalise

Ana Ilievska
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Often confused with translation, localization signifies the entire process of adapting a product or content to a specific location or target market. It’s about translating content and adjusting graphics to correctly display a translation or fit into a culture. It's about changing content to suit preferences, converting to local currencies and units of measurement, addressing local regulations and legal requirements, and much more.

So, why is this important? Well, we have seen massive growth in business digitalization in the past few years. This means that organizations are expanding their businesses across the globe. To be successful in each market, they need to localize their business. How can they do that? With the help of a localization platform like Lokalise, a dear Storyblok Technology Partner.

Lokalise is a continuous localization and translation management platform for companies going global. It is your one-stop solution for AI-powered translations and automated localization.

Quote from Sandra Bakker, Global Partnerships Lead at Lokalise

Lokalise AI is our latest translation tool powered by artificial intelligence. It's super handy when you need to translate content with context and in large quantities.

Sandra Bakker
Sandra Bakker
Global Partnerships Lead at Lokalise

Lokalise fits perfectly into your workflow. That way, your team can stay focused on their work, while providing the transparency, context, and world-class customer support that enables quick and accurate localization. Lokalise brings together the strings, keys, screenshots, team members, tasks, and chat into a single, shared workspace to aid collaboration and visibility.

Section titled The Storyblok x Lokalise integration The Storyblok x Lokalise integration

Localizing your content is essential, and so is managing and delivering that content. So, to enable this process, Lokalise developed an integration with the help of Storyblok’s API. With it, customers see a reduction in the time needed to localize and manage content. Customers also see a reduction in translation management costs and the possibility of errors due to manual processes. They can localize their content at a much greater scale in an efficient and structured way.

Together, we are a Dynamic Duo, something like Batman and Robin. And if you are wondering why, let us explain:

  • A flexible CMS meets a flexible TMS.
    Storyblok makes it easy to create and manage your content across different platforms. Lokalise brings the same simplicity to structuring your translation process. Get the best of both worlds: deliver localized content wherever you need it.
  • Centralize your content localization efforts.
    With only a few clicks, invite your teammates, freelancers, partner agencies, or larger LSPs to work on the translation project in a single workspace. Organize your workflow in the way that works best for you.
  • Faster translations, fewer errors.
    Use Lokalise to translate content in Storyblok, ensuring it’s always ready for release. Deliver faster across all languages, plus maintain translation consistency and lower costs.
  • Publish localized content with ease.
    With Lokalise, update, translate, and deploy your Storyblok content within a single localization platform with change cycles being as short as needed.

Quote from Sandra Bakker, Global Partnerships Lead at Lokalise

Our integration with Storyblok is a win-win for marketers. It allows our mutual customers to reach new markets faster. It eradicates time-sapping manual tasks and processes.

Sandra Bakker
Sandra Bakker
Global Partnerships Lead at Lokalise

Check out the Click Through Demo of the Lokaise x Storyblok integration. Make the most of your Storyblok content by localizing websites, mobile apps, service content, and more. Leverage the power of a headless CMS and repurpose multilingual content for different platforms.

Section titled Case Study: CoachHub Case Study: CoachHub

CoachHub leverages the Storyblok x Lokalise integration for their CoachHub Academy. It's a content library that enables employees to take ownership of their professional development. Thanks to the integration, the content gets delivered in 8 languages: EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, JP, and ZH-CN.

The Storyblok x Lokalise integration has made a big difference in the way content is created, translated, and published. CoachHub works with agencies and freelancers to translate the content created and published in the Academy. The integration provides CoachHub with many benefits:

  • The opportunity to manage the process in one tool.
    Instead of handling the process with single mailings or by using third-party communication tools, the wide team of content creators, agencies, freelancers, and graphic designers can all work together in one space.
  • Keep track of the progress of each task.
    With the help of the different workflows and real-time discussions within the tool, the team now has a better way of tracking the progress of each task.
  • A major decrease in the time needed for content marketers to manage the translations in the Academy.

Quote from Isabelle C.V. Bayer, Senior Content Manager @ CoachHub

On average, we now save 25% more time. We can track the progress of projects and life is much easier when it comes to managing an increasing volume of content now.

Isabelle C.V. Bayer
Isabelle C.V. Bayer
Senior Content Manager @ CoachHub

Section titled Why Lokalise? Why Lokalise?

Here at Storyblok, we work very closely with our partners. In doing so, we have created a very special bond with the team at Lokalise. It is a true pleasure to have them as part of our Technology Ecosystem. We can attest to the fact that their goal is to empower customers to create a world where understanding is the norm.

Here is what makes Lokalize unique:

  • Translate smarter with AI. Get context-aware, impeccable translations in seconds. Translate, shorten, rephrase, optimize for SEO, and more.
  • Control the localization process. Collaborate with your team in a single workspace.
  • Shorten time to market. Localize your product in parallel with the development cycle. Start working on translations as soon as the product design is ready. No more idle waiting.
  • Ensure quality. Use built-in tools to enhance the quality and cohesion of translations. These include translation memory, machine translation, and QA checks.
  • Less work for developers. Drop the hassle of localization and let developers get back to their main tasks. Save hours with the powerful APIs and integrations.

And guess what? A localization platform like Lokalise can contribute to a 75% boost in productivity.

Section titled Key takeaways Key takeaways

We are happy and proud to partner with Lokalise. To help customers with the creation, localization, and delivery of their content globally and across different channels. Together, we help organizations grow and scale faster, cheaper, and safer. We empower customers to create a world where understanding is the norm and where everyone always feels welcome and heard. Reach out to the teams at Lokalise or Storyblok if you want to learn more about our integration.