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Education: Coaching

Delivering coaching experiences with Storyblok & Lokalise

  • Headquarters: USA, Germany & Singapore
  • Technology Stack: Storyblok & Lokalise
↓ 25%
Content Management Time
90 Countries
Across 6 continents

CoachHub is the leading people development solution that enables organizations to create personalized, measurable, and scalable coaching programs for the entire workforce. CoachHub has a global pool of 3500 certified business coaches. They coach from 90 countries across 6 continents. Coaching sessions are available in over 60 languages, serving more than 1000 clients and their coaches.

In 2022, CoachHub launched their CoachHub Academy. A content library that enables employees to take ownership of their professional development. The Academy offers personalized content in the form of videos, readings, and exercises. They are available in 8 languages, covering over 1000+ original activities within 40+ learning collections. Lastly, it helps take the ‘coachee-coach’ relationship to the next level. This happens through bookmarked content and multimedia activity bundles.

The Academy is managed with Storyblok’s Content Management System (CMS) and Lokalise. Lokalise is a one-stop solution for AI-powered translations and automated localization. With the two, CoachHub was able to massively cut down on translation time. The team has seen a significant time reduction in the content management process of 25%.

  • Quote from Isabelle C.V. Bayer, Senior Content Manager at CoachHub

    The biggest benefit of integrating Storyblok and Lokalise for us is that it brings all the stakeholders together. It helps us manage the whole process of content creation, translation, and management in one tool.

    Isabelle C.V. Bayer
    Isabelle C.V. Bayer
    Senior Content Manager at CoachHub

Section titled The challenge of automating a manual translation process The challenge of automating a manual translation process

Before moving to Storyblok and Lokalise, CoachHub faced a few challenges:

  • Only manual translation methods through content managers. No automation is available.
  • Lots of inconsistencies due to a lack of translation automation. There was no glossary to hold the single source of truth.
  • Time loss. The team was spending a significant amount of time managing the content in the Academy.
  • A lack of a memory database for all their translations.

With Lokalise, CoachHub were able to leverage their network of translators as well as Lokalise’s memory database, which remembers previous translations. So, when translating a similar string of words, the memory database alerts the user. It tells them that an 85% match already exists and offers it as a solution. This cuts down on translation time and allows for more translations to be performed at a faster rate. CoachHub also uses Lokalise’s LSP (Language Service Providers) network for their translations. Lastly, they use Loaklise's team of freelancers, who contribute to CoachHub’s own memory database. The more they translate, the easier the job gets moving forward.

Section titled The magic behind the Storyblok x Lokalise integration for CoachHub The magic behind the Storyblok x Lokalise integration for CoachHub

Thanks to the integration, the content is available in 8 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese. The magic behind the process of content localization and delivery is very simple. Whenever content is created in CoachHub’s default language, English, those entries get imported to Lokalise. The platform helps do the part of the magic where content is translated and reviewed. Then, content gets exported to Storyblok where it gets reviewed one last time by the team. Illustrations get adjusted by design and voila, content is then published.

When asked about their favorite Storyblok feature, the content creators, managers, and graphic designers say they love the Visual Editor. Graphic designers enjoy the real-time preview of content and illustrations. The Storyblok x Lokalise integration has greatly impacted the creation, translation, and publishing of content. The integration provides CoachHub with many benefits:

  • The opportunity to manage the process in one tool. The wide team of content creators, agencies, freelancers, and graphic designers can all work together in one space. No need to handle the process with single mailings or by using third-party communication tools.
  • Keeping track of the progress of each task. With the help of Workflows and Real-Time Discussions within the tool, the team now has a better way of tracking the progress of each task.
  • A major decrease in the time needed for content marketers to manage the translations in the Academy.
  • Quote from Isabelle C.V. Bayer, Senior Content Manager at CoachHub

    On average, we now save 25% more time. We can track the progress of projects and life is much easier when it comes to managing an increasing volume of content now.

    Isabelle C.V. Bayer
    Isabelle C.V. Bayer
    Senior Content Manager at CoachHub

Before, the team at CoachHub used to send out all their default versions in English to their translators or have them work right in the CMS. Since the organization has to manage multimedia content pieces, this process was inconvenient. The setup wasn’t scalable and it was difficult to trace and track. Also, it was challenging to build enough translation memory to maintain their high-quality standard in the long run. With the help of the integration, CoachHub has resolved all these issues. They now have an optimized and scalable way of working that brings all stakeholders together.

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