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alm engineering - Unlocking the Digital Potential

Laura Gavrilă
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In the digital age, where innovation is paramount, alm engineering has swiftly carved a niche for itself as a leading player in the field. Founded in 2019, this dynamic firm has emerged as a go-to partner for businesses seeking tailored web applications, corporate websites, and complex architectural solutions. What sets them apart is not only their technical prowess but their unwavering commitment to client-centricity.With a humble beginning as a circle of experts, alm engineering has blossomed into a formidable team of 15 adept developers and designers. Together, they have had the privilege of managing an array of projects across diverse industries. At the heart of their mission lies a simple yet profound goal: to deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

alm engineering takes a unique approach to projects. They view their role as not only understanding client needs and goals but also proactively advising on the best technologies and strategies. It's not just about meeting expectations; it's about surpassing them. Their commitment to using cutting-edge tools and programming languages ensures that their solutions are only high-performing but also sustainable in the long run.

As digital trends evolve, so does alm engineering. They've astutely recognized a shift in the market away from traditional CMS platforms like WordPress towards headless CMS solutions. The driving forces behind this change are multi-device compatibility and the agility offered by headless CMS systems like Storyblok. In this shifting landscape, alm engineering excels in delivering modern, future-proof solutions tailored to evolving client needs.Rather than viewing current market dynamics as limitations, alm engineering sees them as an exhilarating paradigm shift. This transformation is akin to the invention of the internet, and alm engineering is positioned to play a significant role by granting clients and partners access to these emerging technologies.

The agency’s success story doesn’t rely only on technical expertise but also on fostering lasting partnerships. Their brand identity is grounded in innovation, quality, and an unwavering client focus. Clients don't stick with alm engineering out of technological dependency; they stay because they receive genuine value.

Quote from Michael Zoidl, Co-Founder at alm engineering

We chose Storyblok for its flexibility, modularity, ease of integration into various tech stacks, and user-friendly interface. Now we can provide tailored solutions to our clients without compromising on performance or scalability.

Michael Zoidl
Michael Zoidl
Co-Founder at alm engineering

Section titled Fueling the Digital Transformation with the Right Technology Fueling the Digital Transformation with the Right Technology

In their quest for excellence, alm engineering harnesses a formidable arsenal of modern and established technologies. From Node.js to React, Typescript, Next.js, Vercel, Chromatic, Styled Components, and Storyblok, they have mastered the tools that empower them to deliver robust, future-proof solutions to their clients.
alm engineering's introduction to Storyblok was a game-changer. They were immediately drawn to its advanced features and user-friendly interface. What sealed the deal for them was Storyblok's unmatched flexibility, modularity, and ease of integration into various tech stacks. It was the CMS that allowed them to provide tailor-made solutions without sacrificing performance or scalability.

Quote from Benjamin Konopka, Partner Manager at alm engineering

Using Storyblok has significantly increased our workflow efficiency. Its intuitive user interface and modularity allow us to kickstart projects more swiftly and meet client requirements with greater flexibility.

Benjamin Konopka
Benjamin Konopka
Partner Manager at alm engineering

Storyblok has been a catalyst for efficiency at alm engineering. Its intuitive user interface and modularity have streamlined workflows, enabling them to kickstart projects swiftly and meet client requirements with flexibility.The age-old dilemma of flexibility versus user-friendliness has been a challenge for developers. Storyblok has resolved this conundrum for alm engineering by offering a CMS that strikes the perfect balance between both worlds.

Quote from Michael Zoidl, Co-Founder at alm engineering

Storyblok has helped us overcome the dilemma of flexibility vs. user-friendliness. We often had to compromise between a CMS that was either flexible or user-friendly. With Storyblok we get the best of both worlds.

Michael Zoidl
Michael Zoidl
Co-Founder at alm engineering

Section titled Success Story: sparstorm Success Story: sparstorm

alm engineering's clients have lauded their results, as evident in their case study. 
sparstrom, a modern green energy provider, stands out by offering not just electricity and gas but also enticing bonus devices. Managing these perks required efficient campaign execution with affiliate partners, which led them to seek a flexible content management system.

The challenge was to consolidate an outdated, unmanageable platform. Alm engineering's goals included creating a content library, providing editors with easy content customization tools, and facilitating sparstrom's migration to a flexible platform. The component library was crucial to streamline development and allow for easy component reuse.Storyblok emerged as the CMS of choice for its atomic design principles, headless architecture, fast deployment capabilities, and creative freedom for content creators. With Storyblok, sparstrom achieved clear content architecture, navigational structure, and eased collaboration between marketers and developers.

The result? Sparstrom's content creators can now effortlessly navigate, customize, and deliver content for their main site and campaign pages. This success was achieved through a tech stack consisting of Storyblok, Next.js, Vercel, and Storybook, enabling rapid landing page creation. Today, Storyblok manages Sparstrom's main site, FAQs, and campaign landing pages with ease, empowering their content team.


Read the entire sparstorm case study.

Section titled Partner of the Month Partner of the Month

In the dynamic digital landscape, alm engineering stands as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to forging lasting partnerships and delivering cutting-edge solutions. With Storyblok as their trusted ally, they are poised to continue reshaping the digital realm with unwavering commitment and expertise.  We are happy to announce that they are the October Storyblok Partner of the Month!You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or writing them an email. You can also find them on our partners list.