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Storyblok delivers a clear content architecture for sparstrom

  • Headquarters: Köln, Germany
  • Technology Stack: Storyblok, Next.js, Vercel, Storybook
3 Months
To Launch
100 %
Lighthouse SEO
Lighthouse Performance

sparstrom is a modern digital energy provider with 100% green electricity. They are part of the badenova family - a giant in the production of sustainable and reliable energy in Germany. sparstrom comes with a unique value proposition. Their clients not only get electricity and gas, but they can also combine their energy contracts with appealing bonus devices like mobile phones, smart radiator thermostats, household and electronics appliances, and many more.

To manage the perks and benefits they offer, sparstrom has to be able to execute campaigns with their affiliate partners with ease. They discovered that the best way to do that is through campaign landing pages. So, they needed a content management system (CMS) that allowed them to quickly and easily create them.

Storyblok was introduced to sparstrom by alm engineering. They are a skilled software development company from the heart of Munich, Germany. Founded in 2019, their team oversees a large number of different projects from various industries. Together with alm engineering and Storyblok, sparstrom’s new platform was up and running in 3 months. Not only that, but their component library was built in just 1 month.

  • Quote from Benjamin Konopka, Partner Manager at alm engineering

    One and done! That was the goal from the start! To be able to provide the client with a flexible data schema that gives them structure that’s easy to repurpose. Storyblok's headless CMS was the go-to solution.

    Benjamin Konopka
    Benjamin Konopka
    Partner Manager at alm engineering

Out with the old, in with the new

There were a lot of technologies involved in the management of sparstrom's online presence. These monolithic or hybrid technologies did not have the ability to integrate together. The result was a lot of dissatisfaction, time loss, and unnecessary cost. The teams had to navigate a platform they had a hard time understanding, let alone managing.

alm engineering came into the game to help clear things up. After the discovery process, the following goals were set:

  • Create a content library.
  • Provide a tool for editors to navigate, customize, and edit content with ease.
  • Help sparstrom migrate to the new platform so they can manage their site and campaigns with ease and flexibility.

Creating the component library was the number one priority. The teams were using Scrivito as their CMS. The issues they were experiencing were due to the lengthy process of development. Small changes to the structure required involvement from front-end and back-end developers. This resulted in delays in the development and execution of important projects. Thus, a component library was the solution. It allowed sparstrom to use, repurpose, and customize the components across all their projects.

Storyblok & sparstrom

A few CMSs were considered for the project, but Storyblok’s features and services prevailed due to:

  • Atomic design principles: Today, with the help of Storyblok, all the structural components are capsulated and easy to share between sub-companies. This is made possible by Storyblok’s design principles. They enable developers to transform rigid web templates into nestable, component-based data structures that can be integrated and repurposed across any digital channel.
  • Headless architecture & fast deployment: The sparstrom component library provides developers and editors with complete ownership of the decoupled front and back ends. This allows for a very fast deployment process. Also, a quick turnaround when shipping new features.
  • Creative freedom: With Storyblok, content creators and editors can independently create and publish content across many channels. This saves time and money and eliminates confusion and frustration.
  • Quote from Annika Fiedler, Teamlead Marketing at sparstrom

    Storyblok has enabled us to have a clear content architecture. Also, an easy navigational structure for editors, especially from an SEO perspective. Editors have freedom of ownership and ease of creation. The different user roles and the Visual Editor allow our marketers to have a structured and enjoyable work process. Completely independent from our developers.

    Annika Fiedler
    Annika Fiedler
    Teamlead Marketing at sparstrom

The goal was to allow sparstrom to navigate, customize and deliver content on their main site and campaign sites with ease. sparstrom has partners that help them deliver extras for their clients. So, they had to be able to create and edit campaign landing pages on the go with minimal effort and independence.

spartsrom's campaign page

Example of a sparstrom campaign

The new structure developed on Storyblok allowed the sparstrom team to achieve and exceed that goal. The new tech stack consists of Storyblok, Next.js, and Vercel. This React Stack allowed them to build a complex interface through simple components, connect them to data on their back-end server, and render them as HTML. They used GraphQL to fetch data from Storyblok to the front end.

The team at alm engineering was able to hand over the project to sparstrom’s content team in a matter of 5 simple steps. Today, Storyblok is used to manage sparstrom’s main site, FAQs, and all their campaign landing pages.

  • Quote from Benjamin Konopka, Partner Manager at alm engineering

    Our developers truly enjoy working with Storyblok as it is intuitive and very flexible. Also, we have the ability to onboard our clients fast and provide them with independence and freedom in their content management processes.

    Benjamin Konopka
    Benjamin Konopka
    Partner Manager at alm engineering

One CMS, endless possibilities