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The Storyblok
Creator Fund

Create compelling content that highlights the advantages of Storyblok for developers, marketers, and tech decision makers

Tell us about your channel and content ideas for the chance to receive a $5000 sponsorship.


Storyblok is a product loved by developers, marketers, and tech decision makers. Are you creating content for any of these audiences? Then you're at the right place.


Do you run a newsletter, blog, podcast, or a community? Are you active on Twitch or Youtube and create content for social media? We want to hear from you!


Do you want to create a blog post series about headless CMS? Or thinking about running a sponsored campaign in your developer newsletter, perhaps a post series on LinkedIn? Submit your creative ideas!

Explain how to build projects faster with the first component-based headless CMS

There are tons of features to talk about: Integration of popular frameworks, scalabitlity and performance, content modeling, and more.

Help marketers & content teams understand headless CMS

Explain the benefits of a system like Storyblok over traditional CMSs - or simply dive into a specific feature like content workflows, personalization, and SEO.

How Storyblok customers benefit from a modernized content operation

Talk about how Storyblok boosts productivity, creates delightful customer experiences, enables localization, and much more.

Become a Storyblok Creator

Tell us about your channel and content ideas for the chance to receive a $5000 sponsorship.

Apply Now

Apply now and join an amazing community of creators

You can apply until April 22nd, 2023.
Two weeks after applications close, you’ll be notified of your application status. If selected, you’ll go through the next steps.


Tell us more about you and your content campaign idea by applying to the program.


The team at Storyblok will review your application.

Set Up

We'll fine-tune your content idea, together with you.

Go Create

Now its your turn: Start creating & have an awesome time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which channels are considered?

    - Newsletters
    - YouTube & Video Creators
    - Twitch Streams
    - Blogs
    - Influencers on Social Media
    - & many more!

  • Who can apply?

    Any content creator with a developer, marketer, or tech decision maker audience.

  • How can I apply?

    Use the submission form on this site. You can apply until April 22nd.

  • How does the selection process work?

    The team will review the applications together and decide on selected winners based on creativity, audience reach and product-fit. Winners will be notified via email and receive a “badge” to announce on their social media that they have been selected to participate in this programme.

  • What happens after I’ve been selected?

    The team will reach out to winners individually to set up contracts and payment terms. Then, we will invite all selected creators into a Slack channel and kick it off with a video call to introduce Storyblok, our messaging, and provide them with a media kit.

  • What happens if I haven’t been selected?

    Even though you might not have been selected for the Creator Fund sponsorship, we might still reach out to you and sponsor you on a smaller scale or come back to review your application later.

  • I haven’t had sponsors in the past; can I still apply?

    Yes, you can apply. We also work with creators who are still building their communities.

  • What type of creators/channels did Storyblok work with in the past?

    Since its early days, Storyblok worked with talented creators from dev, engineering, marketing and tech. See the “What Creators Are Saying about Us” section above.

  • I got sponsored by Storyblok in the past, can I apply?


  • Who is reviewing the applications?

    - Maria Baumgartner - Demand Generation Team Manager
    - Alba Silvente Fuentes - Developer Relations Engineer II
    - Rolf Mistelbacher - Marketing Expert and Content Creator

  • Can Storyblok Ambassadors apply?


  • Can agencies apply?

    This campaign is targeted at content creators mainly. It is not meant to support the development of Storyblok projects. If you work at an agency and are also a content creator, you can apply with your content idea.

Apply for Storyblok Creator Fund

You can apply until April 22nd, 2023.
Tell us about your channel and content ideas for the chance to receive a $5000 sponsorship.