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Storyblok for Content Editors

Storyblok helps content editors focus on the job. Create, manage and publish your content everywhere, from corporate websites, e-commerce sites, mobile apps and more.

Proudly Serving Amazing Companies

Section titled Fast and powerful. Just like you.

Writing, editing, and publishing new content with Storyblok is easy. You’ll always see exactly how it will look like once it’s live.

Section titled How Storyblok helps you create great digital experiences

Explore what makes Storyblok a unique fit for content teams and creators.

Illustration showing the Visual Editor of Storyblok

Edit websites as you browse, with our visual editor

As an editor, you can easily edit existing content and create new ones.

The visual editor gives you a preview of the changes you make to your website, even before those changes go live.

Launch new pages in minutes

You won't depend on developers to launch new pages, sites or campaigns.

Build custom landing pages, product detail sites, and add new stores to your store finder. Once you've set up your content blocks you can reuse them to build new campaign pages and increase engagement without your developer's help.

Illustration of a two humans building a structure with blocks.

Grow your international audience

Delivering content internationally? With Storyblok you can define your own content localization strategy to serve multiple countries and languages.

Performance by default

With Storyblok, you get a CMS optimized for speed, by default. Your website visitors (and Google) will thank you.

Illustration showing the Workflows of Storyblok

Content management made easy

Set up your own content workflow for your needs

Storyblok allows you to define multiple workflow stages of your content and publish only approved changes.

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With customers in nearly every industry and country, Storyblok helps thousands of people manage and deliver their content on any device and every channel.

Some facts about Storyblok


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Storyblok helps you to take control of your content. Keep everyone on the same page, make an edit and publish.

Section titled Businesses all over the world trust Storyblok to manage their content

Quotes of Storyblok customers.

  • Quote from Jon Simpson, Chief Architect at Education First

    Development time for a new, global multilingual site went from 4-6 months to around 8 weeks.

    Jon Simpson
    Jon Simpson
    Chief Architect at Education First
  • Quote from Franz-Xaver Burner, MBA, CSO Bsurance,

    Storyblok, the perfect headless CMS solution also for non technical guys - fast, simple and with a great user experience!

    Franz-Xaver Burner, MBA
    Franz-Xaver Burner, MBA
    CSO Bsurance,
  • Quote from Albert Ortig, Chief Executive Officer at

    Storyblok dramatically reduces the complexity of content management systems and speeds up the developer's work like never before.

    Albert Ortig
    Albert Ortig
    Chief Executive Officer at
  • Quote from Nicola Cerchiari, Technical Development Manager - Full-Stack Developer at Panini

    We manage a lot of websites in different languages. Storyblok gives our content editors the power to work easily and move content efficiently.

    Nicola Cerchiari
    Nicola Cerchiari
    Technical Development Manager - Full-Stack Developer at Panini
  • Quote from Chris Banks, Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid

    The main benefit and selling point for me was that we could do a gradual migration rather than a big bang migration.

    Chris Banks
    Chris Banks
    Co-Founder/CEO at ProWritingAid
  • Quote from Kevin Wijaya, Head of Marketing at Flo Energy Singapore

    We like the idea of modularity since it is simple to use for non-developers. Content creators can effortlessly copy and reuse particular modules on multiple pages, saving them a lot of time.

    Kevin Wijaya
    Kevin Wijaya
    Head of Marketing at Flo Energy Singapore
  • Quote from Guilherme Medeiros, VP of Engineering at New10

    Our content team’s lives have become more enjoyable with Storyblok, where they’re able to push campaigns and content live in a matter of seconds.

    Guilherme Medeiros
    Guilherme Medeiros
    VP of Engineering at New10
  • Quote from Sean Kiefer, Engineering Manager & Tech Lead at New10

    Editing a simple button used to take us 8 pages with our previous CMS. Now, it's all in one place and just a click away. Storyblok strikes the perfect balance between performance, static hosting, and fast-paced content processes.

    Sean Kiefer
    Sean Kiefer
    Engineering Manager & Tech Lead at New10
  • Quote from undefined, undefined

  • Quote from Christian Hahn, Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at TrackMan

    The editor experience inside Storyblok is incredibly smooth and easy for our team of marketers to use, where we can build new pages quickly and easily while seeing what we are working on in real-time.

    Christian Hahn
    Christian Hahn
    Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at TrackMan
  • Quote from Emelie Samuelsson, Head of Tech at Xlash

    Storyblok is one of the easiest CMSs I have ever worked with. Having worked with various CMSs before, and knowing my way around, Storyblok was the easiest to learn how to use, teach others, and adapt to your content needs.

    Emelie Samuelsson
    Emelie Samuelsson
    Head of Tech at Xlash

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