What is Storyblok

Storyblok is a headless & API-based CMS with an opt-in head. You can access your data which is a nested JSON tree using our Content Delivery API or simply opt-in our Cloud Rendering Service combined with developer-friendly frontend editing capabilities to any template engine, framework or system of your choice. Storyblok will increase your productivity and promotes reusable components.

Storyblok for developers

For whom?

Storyblok is for developers who like to take their time and do things right, building out their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hand. This is not a site builder or some sort of design tool.

For what?

Storyblok was built to be unbelievable scalable and flexible, to the point that even its own feature set can adapt perfectly to the scope of the project (have a look at the Apps section in your Space). Whether you’re building a portfolio site or a big corporate site, Storyblok is a scalable and flexible choice for that. You can even use Storyblok in existing projects and enrich the content of any system with editorial content.

Tech Specs

Storyblok is a headless, API-based SaaS CMS built with Ruby on Rails and VueJS as it’s core, but you don’t need to know Ruby or VueJs to use it. You can go with your favorite technologies and build awesome stuff with us. If you need more than a simple to use Content Delivery API and looking for a full stack you can still opt-in our Cloud Rendering Service without losing the access to your data at all.