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  • Quote from Nicola Cerchiari, Technical Development Manager - Full-Stack Developer at Panini

    We can also test new features and designs in these staging environments. Once we are ready, we can deploy these new features and designs, and the content editor can use them immediately. This makes the workflow much faster.

    Nicola Cerchiari
    Nicola Cerchiari
    Technical Development Manager - Full-Stack Developer at Panini
  • Quote from Matt Maribojoc, Creator at LearnVue

    "I’ve enjoyed Storyblok as a sponsor because they give me the creative freedom to create the best content for my channel. The Storyblok community also does a fantastic job promoting my content!"

    Matt Maribojoc
    Matt Maribojoc
    Creator at LearnVue
  • Quote from Cameron Crosby, Team Lead Website & Digital Innovation at CHRONEXT

    Content teams can simply drag, drop and update specific component pieces that make up a product detail page within our application within seconds, without having to redeploy the application to the App Store and having it reflected on user’s screens instantly without disrupting their purchase session.

    Cameron Crosby
    Cameron Crosby
    Team Lead Website & Digital Innovation at CHRONEXT
  • Quote from Joshua Cotton, VP of Engineering at Ollie

    We greatly increased software change velocity across the engineering, marketing, product, and design teams.

    Joshua Cotton
    Joshua Cotton
    VP of Engineering at Ollie
  • Quote from Joachim Uhrlass, Managing Partner at eCube

    To make it easy to update and display product information in the kiosk system, we integrated Storyblok's CMS. Not only does it allow Tesla staff to easily maintain information on existing models, but they can also create new vehicle models with text and image content, and customize the forms to obtain customer data as needed.

    Joachim Uhrlass
    Joachim Uhrlass
    Managing Partner at eCube

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Customers about Storyblok

  • We like that we can separate content work and development work in Storyblok. This means marketers can work on their projects, and developers can create new components to improve our site experience.

    Matthias Knoche
    Matthias Knoche
    VP of Product at McMakler
  • Sometimes the [Sanity] UI is a little "Clunky". It can take a moment for it to catch up with what you're doing.

    Jhey T.
    Jhey T.
    Validated G2 Reviewer