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Pricing Update! Get more out of the API


On May 13th, 2024, Storyblok started gradually rolling out a new design for its Visual Editor. Therefore, the Visual Editor product screenshots depicted in this resource may not match what you encounter in the Storyblok App. For more information and a detailed reference, please consult this FAQ on the new Visual Editor design.

So many users out there wanted us to increase the API request for the free plan so they can use Storyblok for their projects more easily. We're now proud to present our pricing update with an overall fair-use cap! You can now directly start with one of our new plans.

Pricing Update

Section titled Overall fair-use cap?

It's quite simple - use whatever you need. We don't want you as a developer to hit a limit during your development or testing because we know that's pretty annoying, and we had the same problem with other services. So from now on, you will be able to access the API as you need it. If you, however, abuse the API or try to damage something, we'll have to set a limit for that - or at least contact you

Section titled Already subscribed to one plan? No problem!

Your account is still subscribed to that plan and you still got the legacy quota. If you want to access the new plans and the overall fair use cap of API requests you can simply enjoy the new plans!

Section titled I've been using the old free plan - what about me?

The quota of the free plan has changed to the new plan. Users who are already active as collaborators will remain collaborators but can't be updated. If you want to delete one of them - let us know. If you've already enjoyed the free plan and created beautiful projects with it, you can simply write us in the live chat to receive your personal promo code - trust me - it's a phenomenal deal! :)

Section titled I'm an agency - Where do I fit?

Glad you're reading this! We've got a package ready for you and your customers, and we can even customize a package just for your needs. Simply contact our us with your requirements and/or ideas on collaborating and bring your team to a more productive and efficient way of development. You can also apply as a partner to access an upgraded account to build POCs for your customers also with an upgraded plan.

Section titled You got feedback for us?

We're always looking forward to improving Storyblok and offer the best possible experience for you and your customers. If you're looking for a feature or simply want to chat and tell us about your experience. Get in touch! We're here for you: Live chat, Github, Twitter and on Facebook!

Section titled More to come!

We've been building Storyblok for a while now, and it's improving all the time based on what our customers tell us. To give you a sense of it, some of the things the team is working on next are: an easy to integrate shop feature for your website, a fully powered theme store with a twist and even more advanced permissions, all based on numerous customer requests. We also recently shipped the new Editor UI, Groups & Sections Fieldtype and advanced permissions for collaborators prioritized based on customer needs. Point being, we really DO listen!

I hope you're considering making Storyblok a permanent part of the toolset you use to improve the state of your websites and apps, and I'd love to know more about how we can make that happen.


Dominik Angerer

Dominik Angerer

A web performance specialist and perfectionist. After working for big agencies as a full stack developer he founded Storyblok. He is also an active contributor to the open source community and one of the organizers of Scriptconf and Stahlstadt.js.