What is a Field Type?

One field type is the smallest part in the storyblok terminology.

Field type overview


  • Text (a text field)
  • Textarea (a text area)
  • Boolean (a checkbox - true/false)


  • Multiple Options (a list of checkboxes)
  • Single Option (a simple dropdown)


  • Date/Time (a date- and time picker)
  • Image (a upload field for a single image with cropping possibilities)
  • File (a upload field for a single file)
  • Weblink/Storylink (an input field for internal linking to other stories (with suggestions) or external URLs)
  • Group/Section (no input possibility - allows you to group fields in sections)
  • Components (a field to interleave other components in your current one)
  • Markdown (write markdown in fullscreen to have full focus on your content)
  • Custom Plugins (extend the editor yourself with a color picker or similar - Check out: Creating a Storyblok field type plugin)

A component consists of numerous fields - or even zero.

Storyblok editing capabilities