May update: GDPR, Rich-Text Markdown, Python SDK, ...


Another month went by and we’ve released many new features to improve your developer and editor experience. I have to admit I’ve never seen so many services to think about my security and privacy as in the current month according to the amount of mails I’ve received. So let’s jump right into the reason for that.



For us at Storyblok your privacy and security is and always was one of our highest priorities. We want you to know that you can find our Privacy Policies as always at the bottom of the website you’re currently reading and we’ve added it in multiple parts in the application so you can always find it if you need it. If you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to read the whole document here are the key parts:

  • We only require one thing from you to let you use our services: your e-Mail.
  • We do need your e-Mail so we can get in touch with you (password reset, onboarding, …).
  • Other can add you as collaborator using your full e-Mail.
  • We won’t send you advertisements about other services.
  • We won’t sell your information to any data brokers or similar.
  • We may need more information if you subscribe to our paid plans for invoices.
  • You can find our DPA in your “My account” section in the app.

Rich-Text Markdown

Rich-Text Markdown

Many of you asked us about a Rich-Text field in Storyblok. In the past this was only possible by creating a custom field type.

With the new update to the Markdown field type you can easily switch to a Rich-Text editor by clicking the eye-icon or define Rich-Text as default in the schema configuration.

We tried out a lot of Rich-Text options out there and decided to go with ProseMirror. A big advantage of this editor is that it produces Markdown compatible output and it’s highly customizable.

Python SDK

Python SDK

Thanks to the guys that created Alpaca we’ve now released our Python SDK so you can use the Storyblok Content Delivery API directly! You can add it to your python project by simply running:

pip install storyblok

Have a look at all the options and the code itself on Github.

UI improvements and tutorials

We’ve added the possibility for you to add relationships between content entries besides using the link field. By choosing either the single or multi-option field type it is now possible to create connections between your content entries with less effort. You can read more about how to do so and how this will help you to speed up your development right here:

Upcoming Integration

Storyblok Integration with

We’re currently working on an integration many of you are looking forward to. Apart from our public roadmap, we do like to bring in some integrations with existing services that will allow you to use our headless CMS way faster than before. We will publish more information about the integration that is ahead in a later post and tutorials.

What’s next?

As you know we’re always searching for a way to improve Storyblok to get a better experience for you – therefore we would love to receive your feedback! Let us know which features you would love to see next: request a feature.

Have a great day!