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X reasons why your clients might love Storyblok

Laura Gavrilă

There are literally an unknown number of reasons why your clients might fall in love with Storyblok.
While this might sound overconfident, it is true because we are on a continuous journey of improving our product and staying true to our core values

In support of this statement, we had a chat with one of our partners - Naturaily - and they let us in on their experience with onboarding their clients with Storyblok. They approached this discussion in two segments: converting clients to Storyblok and customer success after Storyblok implementation.

Who is Naturaily?

Naturaily is an eCommerce & web development company based out of Poland with over 10 years of providing tech services for customers from the USA, UK, Scandinavia & Western Europe. They focus on Jamstack web & app development, headless CMS implementations, and composable e-commerce solutions, including Shopify Plus custom development, migrations, and integrations.

Their approach is more than only offering high-quality web & e-commerce development that targets business objectives. They see providing a pleasant cooperation experience for all the parties involved as evenly important. As a company, they highly value openness, transparency, good communication, and sincerity and look for these values in the clients they work with as well.

There’s no surprise then that they like to hear from their customers during their collaboration. They listen to what problems clients might have and implement creative solutions in terms of workshops, scoping sessions, development, and of course, maintenance. 

Based on their approach to client relationships, it is clear that they learn a lot and we can also learn from their experience listed below.

Storyblok features that convince your clients that Storyblok is the CMS of their choice

  1. One of the reasons why WordPress (and traditional CMSs, in general) is powering a large percentage of the websites online today is the ease-of-use and visualization of changes. This is highly enticing for non-technical users, especially since most headless CMSs are rather targeted towards developers.
    Storyblok is the only headless CMS that offers their users a visual editor with real-time in-context preview. This feature empowers content creators and marketers to create omnichannel experiences without coding.
  2. Similar to the reason above, a lot of users are attracted to the web building capabilities of traditional CMSs. Once again, Storyblok has your clients covered! You have all features of a page builder and users can store, create, manage and edit content as they see fit. They can then deliver that content to a website, mobile device, or any other device where content needs to be viewed. Content approvals can happen faster, and with the right type of headless CMS, marketers won't need developer assistance to make simple changes.
  3. Another very good reason is that you see the changes you made before the page is deployed. The visual editor goes beyond giving you a live-preview. You can now have a dynamic screen preview that can be manually changed to any size you may like by simply dragging a slider. You can do more with fewer clicks. Take a look at our V2 Visual Editor guide to see the full list of new changes.
  4. Launch new pages in minutes. As a marketer you won't depend on developers to launch new sites. You can build custom landing pages, product detail sites, and add new stores to your store finder. Once you've set up your content blocks you can reuse them to build new campaign pages and increase engagement without your developer's help.
  5. Storyblok fully supports the atomic design approach. Our unique multi-layer component-based approach allows content creators to reuse their well-structured content. They can create and nest components without limits, fill them with content, and customize them as needed.
    This means you can identify similar sections and break them down into smaller parts, to the smallest unit (eg. headline), which you can  reuse across templates and types of pages. Essentially, you create a toolbox of elements that can be used by your client to create endless variations via the visual editor.
  6. As opposed to other headless CMSs, Storyblok offers three main options for managing multi-language and multi-country content. Different use cases require different approaches which is why we offer field-level translation (allows you to maintain the same content structure but simply change the language), folder-level translation (helps you change the structure of your content or makes it easy for a separate team to manage it), and space-level translation. We also permit adding two or more types of approaches as Mixed level translation. Additionally, you benefit from a growing list of integrations with market-leading localization apps (Lokalise, Crowdin etc.)
  7. When it comes to content creation, Storyblok, once again, hits it out of the park. As one of the most powerful RTEs (Richtext editor) on the market, it saves the content in a structured JSON format and you can customize the sticky toolbar for each field type and user individually. More than that, users can insert blocks and components inline, thus extending the functionality of the editor to render custom elements. This feature can also be customized by restricting the type of components they can add.
    There is also another very helpful feature of importing previously written content from Markdown.
    Having a highly customizable toolbar will help you simplify the interface for content editors by not overwhelming them with unnecessary options.
  8. And, last on this list, but definitely not least, the possibility of changing alt tags, URL structure, keyword optimization, or making A/B content tests and distributing localized content on the content team’s side.

What Naturaily’s clients discovered after they switched from a traditional CMS to Storyblok

  1. They have more control over their content operations.
  2. They can add changes to pages quicker, and content marketers can even design landing pages with the use of content blocks.
  3. Their content operations are much more flexible.
  4. They have more options to customize the content, UX, and particular components, and it’s easier to do.
  5. They don’t depend on developers’ skills to launch new pages as much as before switching to Storyblok.
  6. Their content teams have more control and don't need to sync their work with the development teams.
  7. After the initial setup, they cut both the development (up to 100%!) and content teams’ workload (up to 75%).
  8. They see more opportunities to build scalable digital platforms and a huge performance boost thanks to Jamstack + Headless CMS configuration, which also positively affects their SEO strategy.

As Naturaily expressed, the latter insight is especially important: Storyblok works perfectly with the Jamstack development.

The Jamstack approach is often praised for its ability to establish greater flexibility, scalability, and maintainability of digital platforms. But what’s most alluring for Naturaily’s clients, is the bonus of betterment of the website’s performance.

Upgrading the Lighthouse Performance metric from 20-ish to 90-ish, together with improved Core Web Vitals is a frequent result for them. Nowadays it’s either costly or really difficult to achieve this when choosing monolithic solutions like WordPress or web builders like Wix.

Surely, you can achieve these objectives by using a variety of tools and approaches. However, what is unique to Jamstack, is that you are able to do all of this at the same time and you can easily do so by using Storyblok for your headless CMS implementation project.


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Everything explained above is supported by Naturaily’s experience with Storyblok. If you are curious about what a headless CMS, like Storyblok, could do for your agency and how it can be the best solution for any type of project, drop us a line.

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