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Why your agency should adopt Storyblok

Tarek El Deeb

Clients’ projects are taking lots of time because your CMS is complex, rigid, and error prone. If this sounds like you, now might be a good time to refresh the platforms that you work with. Storyblok offers compatibility and enhanced security that help you create powerful digital experiences for your clients. This article discusses four reasons why your agency should use Storyblok for your next project.

Section titled 1. Ease of Use 1. Ease of Use

Getting started with Storyblok is easy. You can set up a new project in your space in just a few steps. And you also have access to an extensive documentation library to guide you throughout the implementation process.

Maarten Cox, Founder & User Experience Lead at Born Digital, a full-stack digital agency, says, “Storyblok is a perfect CMS, very easy to use, very easy to implement, and for a user, a client, very easy to work with blocks. I just can see from the developers that they really like to work with Storyblok. We have a Junior, straight from school, and he got a project running within a few days.”

Storyblok is better for your clients too. They’ll spend less time learning how the CMS works. And after the project handoff, they can start making changes directly in their CMS without writing a single line of code.

Section titled 2. Faster Implementation 2. Faster Implementation

Typically, it takes about six months to build and launch a new website — but working with Storyblok reduces this timeframe considerably. For example, Vividfront, a web development agency, used Storyblok to build and launch a new global direct-to-consumer website for Wüsthof in only three months!

This speed of implementation is thanks to Storyblok’s Visual Editor, which supports in-context preview. In-context preview allows you to see what the content entry will look like live on different channels as you create it, including your website, mobile app, and even smartwatches.

Quote from Tim Dodd, Head of Product & Technology @ iCrossing UK

“People often forget it’s the editorial users of a CMS who will spend the most time using it. It’s not the designers or engineers. Storyblok have done just as a good a job of addressing the needs of editors as they have of the engineers. In particular with the unique Visual Editor. It enables an editor (even with very little experience) to instantly point and click on content to edit, reorder and configure its appearance directly in the CMS. They instantly see precisely how it will be presented, how each piece of copy will wrap and behave at various viewports. The clunky process of saving a draft, hitting preview, switching to a new browser tab, taking a look, back to the editor, change the copy against, etc. is now a thing of the past.”

Tim Dodd
Tim Dodd
Head of Product & Technology @ iCrossing UK

This lengthier process slows down project implementation with other headless content management systems.

Quote from Filip Rakowski, Chief Technology Officer @ Vue Storefront

“Storyblok is by far the most helpful solution for content and layout management, and their Visual Editor is the best one on the market. I integrated the Vue Storefront demo with Storyblok in just a few hours without any prior knowledge.”

Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski
Chief Technology Officer @ Vue Storefront

Building faster allows your agency to take on more client projects without compromising quality.

Section titled 3. Enhanced Security Features 3. Enhanced Security Features

A CMS is the most critical component of a website’s security. A recent survey by Storyblok shows that nearly a third (32%) of the world’s largest business websites suffer data breaches every single week due to security gaps in their content management systems. And the average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million.

Storyblok prevents data breaches through the following security configurations:

  1. Read-only content delivery prevents the receiving system from modifying any of the data in your CMS.
  2. Data access control restricts permissions to Storyblok’s servers and internal network.
  3. AWS Web application firewall mitigates cross-site scripting, brute force, and SQL injection attacks on the Storyblok API.

In addition to these, Storyblok is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is the international standard for how companies should manage information security for their clients.

Section titled 4. 100% Tech Stack Flexibility 4. 100% Tech Stack Flexibility

Most content management systems have limited technology compatibility, which means that they only support a small number of technologies and frameworks. This makes it difficult for your developers to build custom projects using these content management systems.

However, Storyblok works with all types of technologies and frontend frameworks, including Jamstack and Cloud-native. You can connect third-party integrations like Vendure and Localazy to Storyblok. And you can also build custom apps with specific functionalities using Storyblok’s management API.

Playground Inc., a Toronto-based digital product and design studio, says, “Storyblok has quickly become the CMS tool that we pick, above all the other CMS tools, just because of the ease of use, because of the developer experience, and because of the thoughtfulness behind the API calls, et cetera. The documentation just made development — especially with the technology stack that we use, which is Next JS and Tailwind — a lot easier and simpler.”

Greater tech stack flexibility expands the range of projects you can take on and the degree of customization you can offer your clients for different projects.

Section titled Become a Certified Storyblok Partner to Enjoy Even More Value Become a Certified Storyblok Partner to Enjoy Even More Value

Storyblok’s Partner Program is designed to help your agency scale its business while delivering more value to your customers. When you become a Storyblok Partner, you get:

  1. Free development spaces for all your customers
  2. A free lifetime Storyblok license for your website
  3. Cross-promotional marketing
  4. Revenue sharing

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