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Storyblok extends its Enterprise support offerings

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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, businesses of all sizes are looking for innovative approaches to attracting customers. While page builders or less complex infrastructure might be enough for small businesses today, enterprise-size companies require a future-proof and highly functional tech stack, including a content management system, to compete on the market. Large corporations are forced to implement the latest technologies because even though their audience is bigger, they have much higher standards and expectations.

Why is choosing the right CMS (content management system) so important for enterprises? The short answer is that a CMS is a primary tool that a company would use to build and manage digital experiences.

At Storyblok, we continuously improve our enterprise offerings to provide our customers with the best-of-breed tech. Therefore, we are now announcing the update to our support packages.

Section titled What does the updated Extended Support Package hold?

We've always provided first-rate extended assistance, so the Extended Support Package is nothing new. However, we are improving it by updating and expanding its functionality to better serve our Enterprise clients. You can find the updated features in the table below.

The Extended Support Package is designed to help your organization with quick response times, being super fast in your POC/MVP, and ensuring consistent quality throughout. This package can be bought together with the Enterprise plan, so your team gets extended support and guidance from Storyblok.

New features are highlighted in bold
Storyblok Community / Yes Yes
15/5 Live Chat 08:00 - 23:00 CET (17:00 CET), Monday to Friday Yes Yes
SLA with Response times defined- Yes
24/7 incident management (Logged and Tracked in Servicedesk): 2h response for critical incidents. Incident Report provided after resolution.- Yes
Security Audits- Yes
Named Customer Success Manager Yes Yes
Submitting feature requests for editing interface or APIs Yes Yes
Annual Health Check: In-Depth published report and Q&A - Yes
Developer Relations Support (Expert Sessions) - Yes
Support with integrating Storyblok’s JavaScript Bridge on your projects - Yes
Development of Joint Success Plan for your account with your named CSM and up to 4 Quarterly Business Reviews per year. - Yes

While the Extended Support Package brings a lot of new features and advantages compared to the Standard Support, it's crucial that our customers always know exactly how they can benefit from the updates.

So here is a detailed explanation of the new features that you'll get once choosing the extended support: 

Section titled Security Audits

Security audits include the ability for the customer to run their own penetration tests against our services. There are some rules that apply:

  • No DOS (denial of service) test;
  • Findings must be shared with Storyblok and treated as highly confidential;
  • Findings must not be exploited;
  • Tests must be coordinated at least 15 working days in advance together with the Storyblok infrastructure team;
  • Tests will only be run against URLs, IPs, and environments named by Storyblok;
  • Effort that is caused by providing the infrastructure for the penetration tests that exceeds the extended support package (2h/month) will be chargeable.

Section titled Incident Report

You will be provided with a written report that includes an analysis of the cause of the incident, resolution steps, and mitigation steps to avoid the recurrence of the incident.

Section titled Expert Session

The Expert Session is a 1 to 1 session with a Storyblok Dev/Product employee who can help and address inquiries of a technical nature related to the product, such as best practices, feature explanation, advice on setting up the content structure, or queries related to integrations with Storyblok. The customer paying for Extended Support Package is entitled to 2 hours a month of Expert Sessions.

Section titled Annual Health Check

Production of a report with an optional 1-Hour virtual Q&A Session to include: 

  • In-depth review of your CMS strategy; 
  • Full review of the customer's Storyblok space; 
  • Review the way Storyblok is being implemented and used;
  • Feedback and good practices on getting the best from the capabilities and features offered by Storyblok to improve the DX and UX.

Section titled Named Customer Success Manager

You will get a CSM who will be assigned to your account. This person will be your main point of contact for all things relationship and account related.

Section titled Quarterly Business Review

An event up to 4 times per year when the CSM and customer meet to discuss:

  • Shared objectives and progress;
  • Discuss the project's status;
  • Share roadmap and new product updates from Storyblok;
  • Share insights and data that can help customers improve adoption and usage;
  • Ticket report;
  • Discuss co-marketing activities (Community activities);
  • Plan success and agree on action points for the following 90 days.

Section titled Try Storyblok – an enterprise-grade CMS

The updated extended support that was introduced in this article is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. Overall, Storyblok offers multiple enterprise features that empower all teams, including omnichannel publishing, custom workflows and collaboration, localization and personalization, enterprise-level security (proved by ISO 27001 certification), and much more.

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