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Webmatch: Professional creation of real eCommerce champions

Agata Kędzia

Is there one recipe for success in the eCommerce industry? As every business is different considering the mix of offered products, target group, mission, vision, and values, achieving goals will involve different steps and approaches. Additionally, for each company, success itself means something different.

Admittedly, there is no universal way for a business to succeed, but we’ve partnered with an agency that certainly has the key to success and knows how to use it to unlock an eCommerce brand’s true potential. Our agency partner Webmatch puts all its resources and energies into creating real eCommerce champions, making sure they match perfectly with their client’s needs and expectations.

Section titled Webmatch’s secret formula for exceptional eCommerce stories

Webmatch started its journey in 2007 as a classic internet agency. Back then, the company offered a wide range of services such as complex tech project management, performance advertisement, and social media campaigns. In recent years, however, they have felt a true calling to the eCommerce industry and decided to sharpen their focus primarily on this area. Narrowing the scope of their projects has given them a deep and thorough knowledge of the eCommerce world and has made them trustworthy and authentic partners for their clients.

The agency perceives eCommerce as the entire platform consisting of many different components that, set together, ultimately lead to transactions. In Webmatch’s opinion, the secret of success in the industry is the mix of effective communication, data-based decisions, and a reliable, best-of-breed technology set. What makes Webmatch stand out in the crowd within eCommerce-oriented agencies is their great understanding of communication and brand concepts, combined with the component of data analysis. They believe that before a customer makes a purchase decision, he goes through many stages of website experience. That’s why projects made by Webmatch are a mix of brand content and eCommerce layer, bound together by a modern and reliable technology stack. All this is implemented in great UX concepts and complemented with a big dose of creativity, an appealing interface, and valuable features.

Section titled Pairing projects with clients: It’s a (Web)match!

Despite great professionalism and solid technical expertise, the agency doesn’t perceive itself as a pure tech agency. When asked about their goals when taking on the projects, they told us that customer success comes to them above everything else. What matters for Webmatch is fair cooperation and a great atmosphere with their clients, both during and after project implementation. This enables Webmatch to maintain long-term and valuable relationships with their clients. To delve into projects’ individual needs and requirements even better, the agency goes even a step further: They strive to understand their clients’ customers in terms of purchase motivations, buying trends, and customer behavior.

Section titled No limits in the eCommerce world

Webmatch likes challenges! They are aware that in today’s eCommerce world, due to the increasing customer expectations and growing competition, requirements and complexity in projects are constantly increasing. That’s why in addition to excellent data analysis and infallible brand strategies, the agency has increasingly dedicated itself to technologically complex projects in recent years. During one of our meetings, we asked them what current limitations they see for companies in the eCommerce industry. The answer to this question stuck in our memory:

Quote from Sebastian Basler, Lead Developer Backend, Webmatch

When we talk about limitations, we must of course consider the respective viewpoint. From a technical point of view, there are hardly any limitations in our opinion, because there is a suitable tech stack for all possible requirements.

Sebastian Basler
Sebastian Basler
Lead Developer Backend, Webmatch

Section titled Storyblok & Webmatch: eCommerce dream team

Webmatch genuinely believes that the biggest obstacle during project creation and development creation is the lack of imagination about what can be achieved with future-proof, modern, and optimally tailored tech stack and architecture. But, with so many options on the market, how do they know which tech stack is the best? Well, they are true explorers and are always watching what happens at the market. Being up-to-date with emerging technologies and the newest tech trends makes them aware of the general shift from monolithic architectures to headless and composable tech solutions. As they constantly evaluate their observations and assess what added value a given tech can add to their projects, the decision about moving away from traditional CMS systems was fully natural. When, one day, they came across Storyblok, it was quickly clear to Webmatch that creating projects together with Storyblok can bring valuable results and lead to exceptional digital platforms. We couldn't be happier about it!

Quote from Simon Rabente, Director Digital Business, Webmatch

It was obvious to us that we needed a proper headless CMS in our technology portfolio. This simply resulted from the requirements we were confronted with in our projects and where we also see the greatest project potential with a view to the future when we think in terms of composable and headless architectures. So we wanted to move away from the monolithic systems we had been working with and luckily found Storyblok.

Simon Rabente
Simon Rabente
Director Digital Business, Webmatch

Thanks to Storyblok’s composable approach, Webmatch can easily integrate tech stack when creating unique digital solutions for their customers. They build eCommerce projects with such great tech partners as Shopware, commercetools, and Vue Storefront in the front-end. With Algolia it’s possible for Webmatch’s clients to implement infallible search features, and use Adyen for payments. As they admit, composable architecture lets them be ready and open to customers' specific requirements and define the tech stack flexibly.

Apart from the composable and headless approach, what made Storyblok an attractive solution for Webmatch was future-proof architecture, stability of the system, modern user interface, drag & drop Visual Editor, and development opportunities in terms of tech stack and software. What they also like about Storyblok is our predictable pricing and the price-performance ratio. One of the biggest game changers for the agency was the possibility of branded content and eCommerce layer effective separation, which makes it easy for different teams to work on a project in parallel.

Another important Storyblok’s use case for the agency is the custom roles creation feature:

Quote from Felix Dlugosch, CEO, Webmatch

In one of our projects with Storyblok, we managed to use the system to implement complex rights & roles management on an international level with a multilingual context. In this project, some content may only be edited by the European headquarters. Other content is edited by the respective subsidiaries in the countries. Of course, all of this has to be taken into consideration and worked out perfectly with Storyblok.

Felix Dlugosch
Felix Dlugosch
CEO, Webmatch

Section titled Shaping a new eCommerce identity for Tamron

With Webmatch’s help, TAMRON, a Japanese optical technologies manufacturer, has directly experienced the result of Webmatch & Storyblok’s cooperation. The project’s goal was to build a European eCommerce platform and enable the manufacturer to run a D2C business in addition to the existing sales channels. Additionally, it was vital for the company to display a lot of product information and marketing communication, all this put into the international context. Webmatch coped with this challenge brilliantly by defining and implementing the perfect set of technologies that could cover all the project’s requirements. They powered Tamron's eCommerce sales with commercetools and used Vue Storefront to build a modern front-end layer. Additionally, Webmatch integrated Algolia for quick and effective search features and Adyen for infallible payments. Storyblok, in the center of the tech hub, plays an essential role in the project by communicating and binding all the tech solutions together. Storyblok also helped TAMRON to maintain and deliver content in multiple languages, giving particular stakeholders different ranges of rights and access combinations, which was crucial to managing the project effectively.

Section titled Let’s make the eCommerce world magic together

We love to collaborate with our partners who, like us, are passionate about creating unique, future-proof digital platforms and helping brands grow. Thinking of our partnership with Webmatch, we think it’s a truly perfect match. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that the agency is our January Partner of the Month! We’re so excited to see our partnership grow and develop by year's end, with more projects along the way.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Webmatch, feel free to check out their Partner Listing page, or visit their website.